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3 Tips on How to Get a Walk In Bathtub Installed Locally

Finally decided on buying a walk in tub and already did your shopping? Whether you are buying one as an elderly tub, as a handicapped tub, or a safety tub for everyone at home, one of the most important things you should arrange for installation. How can you get your walk in bathtub of choice installed?

There are actually 3 ways of getting around the installation, and this includes:

Installing The Walk in Bathtub Yourself

Installing your tub yourself can save you a great deal of money and is the least inexpensive way to have your new tub installed. Of course, before you go ahead, you must make sure that you have some installation and plumbing know-how to get things working. Although you are armed with the user’s manual, you may also need some extra hands to assist you. Installation of a walk-in bath tub should not be more difficult than installing a traditional tub. In fact, most step in tub models today simply have to be put into place, tacked and locked in – that is assuming you have done the proper alignment of the drain hole and all the measurements have been pre-determined. After securing the tub, all you need to do is connect the faucet and do a final check for possible leaks.

Hiring a Professional Installer To Install the Walk in Tub

If you want to free yourself of the mechanical and physical burden of installing a step-in tub or if you want to ensure perfect installation by a professional, you can hire a plumber or even an electrician to perform the work in your behalf. Your local plumber will surely know the basics of installing walk-in bathtubs. Make sure to look for one who has some experience with tub installations.

Allowing Your Tub Provider to Install the Tub You Purchased

This should be easy if the home improvement shop you purchased your walk in tub from provides such service. There are even certain stores which offer free installation. However, if your purchase does not come with free installation, ask whether they can furnish your tub of choice for you. Hiring one who services the store or manufacturer may be more expensive than looking for one yourself. However, a professional installer working with the tub company will ensure hassle-free, more seamless service and may actually save you in the long run. These professional installers have the most training, experience and expertise to ensure that your bathtub is installed perfectly as it should.

You can choose from either of these three choices when installing a walk in tub. Note that before having your tub installed, you must make sure that your bathroom is ready to accommodate your newly-purchased tub. Since walk-in bathtubs may be different in size compared to traditional tubs, you may have to do some remodelling when necessary. Although this will take another set of expenditures, know that you are investing in the security, protection and comfort of your loved ones and yourself.

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