Jacuzzi Walk In Tub Vs. Independent Home Walk In Tub
Jacuzzi Walk In Tub Vs. Independent Home Walk In Tub

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Jacuzzi Walk in Tub

What is the difference between a Jacuzzi Walk In Tub and an Independent Home Walk In Tub?

Jacuzzi is a household brand that focuses on hot tubs, swim spas and regular bathtubs. They introduced a Jacuzzi walk in tub a few years ago. Independent Home has been manufacturing walk in bathtubs since 2002. Independent Home only does 1 thing – walk in tubs. Independent Home is a family business that brings personal care to every job we complete. We know that bathing safely can be a very sensitive topic and our approach is to help you find the right walk in bathtub for your situation. We also know there are a lot of walk in tub companies to choose from so we appreciate the consideration as you shop for your preferred company.

Do your Research and Buy your Walk-In Tub with Confidence

As you research what walk in tub is best for you, it is important to understand various business models as they affect the prices of your walk in tub.

Household brands, like the Jacuzzi walk in tubs

, can be a great option, but we advise you to consider the following:

  • Large businesses have large overhead costs to cover. Independent Home is a small family business with a fraction of the overhead of Jacuzzi walk in tubs. Higher overhead equals higher prices passed on to the consumer.
  • Look at verified walk in tub reviews on 3rd party sites like ConsumerAffairs –

    how does the Jacuzzi Walk In Tub stack up Vs. the Independent Home walk in tub?

    What are consumers saying?

  • What does the warranty cover for each walk in tub company you are considering? Does the guarantee cover the product, service or both?
  • And of course, what is the price of your walk in tub with each company?
Our advice is to meet with 2-3 walk in tub companies in order to feel comfortable with your purchase. Thankfully, most all walk in tub providers offer free-in home estimates and give you time to think about your decision before you officially chose.

Download your Independent Home Walk-In Tub Certificate of Discount

Before you schedule meetings with Independent Home, Jacuzzi walk in tubs, or any other brand, you have the opportunity to Download a $1500 Off Walk In Bathtub discount certificate. Our goal at Independent Home is to help folks bathe safely at home and to make your walk in tub transformation affordable. Click here to secure the certificate.

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