Chromotherapy Tubs: Consider a Walk-In Tub With Chromotherapy

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Chromotherapy Tubs: Reasons to Consider a Walk-In Tub With Chromotherapy

Chromotherapy Tubs: Reasons to Consider a Walk-In Tub With Chromatherapy

Walk-in tubs have many benefits that each potential buyer may have researched before considering to purchase. The safety and convenience of the walk-in tub combined with the freedom to gain more independence in bathing are all reason enough to make the switch from a standard tub, but as an individual researches the kinds of therapeutic features that can be added, the idea of chromotherapy comes to mind, which may be passed over if the buyer is not sure about how this kind of therapy will benefit them. Learn about the ways this feature can benefit your own conditions before passing it by and see if a walk-in tub with chromotherapy is right for you.
What is Chromotherapy?

The main reason an individual may pass up the option of chromotherapy is because they don’t know what it is. Before making the decisions about which therapeutic options are right for you, it’s important to know exactly how they work.

  • Chromotherapy is the use of colors to alleviate certain conditions through the activation of certain receptors in the mind by way of each hue interacting with different parts of the brain.
  • Different colors give each user a focal point that helps them to stimulate the parts of their mind necessary for natural healing. As they are immersed in the color of their choice, the users are able to concentrate on easing pain or other issues.
  • The colors are usually achieved by LED lights that change the color of the water as well as its luminescence just above the surface. This is how the user is immersed in the color they choose in order to use it as a focal point.
  • Combined with other therapies like hydrotherapy, the colors may act as a multiplier effect to heighten the desired results of the therapy involved.


Who Does Chromotherapy Help?

While this is considered an alternative therapy for several kinds of chronic conditions, it can help virtually anyone. The benefits range from alleviating pain to helping the user focus on relaxation depending on the color and type of focal point it is assigned to by the individual using the therapy. There are no side effects to chromotherapy and even children can get positive feelings from the colors employed. Adding this therapy to a walk-in tub is not very expensive and the uses span many conditions for all kinds of people.
Learn More Today

If you’re still not sure about what chromotherapy is or how it can help you, ask your healthcare professional or talk to walk-in tub specialists about why you should add it to your next walk-in tub. It only takes a little research to find out which benefit will work for you and see how chromotherapy can make your bathing experience a more enjoyable one. Visit Independent Home to learn more and talk to a friendly and knowledgeable customer service representative today to get a free quote. Make the most of your walk-in tub!

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