Handicap Walk In Showers – A Safe Showering Option For All

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Handicap Walk In Showers – Offering a Safe Showering Option For The Whole Family

While people of all ages can enjoy walk in tubs, they are not ideal for every family.  When you have a member of the household who requires an accessible bathing solution, but you have to also accommodate other members of the household as well, a handicap walk in shower may be ideal for you and your family.  After all, these handicap walk in showers are built to accommodate everyone.

Benefits of Handicap Walk In Showers:

Handicap Walk In Showers | Low Lip For Easy Access – The low lip means that it is very easy to step in and out of the shower.  Wheelchairs can also roll in comfortably.  Because of this, these accessible showers are easy to use for people of all ages, sizes, and ability.

Shower Seat For Comfort – Walk in showers are built big enough to accommodate individuals who want to stand as well as individuals who prefer sitting to shower.  Some shower seats even fold into the wall for more standing room.  Because of this, all users of your shower can bathe in comfort based on their needs and preferences.

Shower Wand For Easy Showering – Shower wands make it easy to bathe no matter your height, or whether you prefer to bathe seated or standing.  The shower wand removes from its holder so the user can direct the water where they need it to bathe comfortably.

Handicap Walk In Showers | Safety Grab Bars – Safety grab bars are good for all individuals, but they most importantly make navigating the shower safer for individuals with limited mobility.  These grab bars are placed strategically to ensure that they are convenient and helpful.

No Slip Coating – The floors in your walk in shower are coated with a no slip coating for added safety.  This makes getting in and out of the shower safe and easy for all users.

If you think a handicap walk in shower would be perfect for your family, call Independent Home today.  Our Freedom Shower offers you all of the above amenities to make for a safe and luxurious bathing experience for all.  Call us today for more information!

Learn more about Handicap Walk In Showers HERE.

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