How Do Walk In Tubs Work? What Keeps Them from Leaking?

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How Do Walk In Tubs Work? Learn What Keeps Walk In Tubs from Leaking

How Do Walk In Tubs Work? Learn What Keeps Walk In Tubs from Leaking

A walk in tub allows for independent bathing even if your mobility has been compromised. When you need assistance bathing, your dignity as well as your independence may be reduced, making you uncomfortable and turning what should be a relaxing and therapeutic experience into an ordeal that you dread. You may have considered a walk in tub before but you’re not really sure how it works and if it’s best for you and anyone else in your home that may be using it. Learn about how a walk in tub works and how the addition of one in your home can make your bathing experience comfortable and independent once again.

Enjoy Safety and Comfort

A walk in tub operates with a door in the side so that there is no need for you to step over the side with the possibility of injuring yourself. Even with helpful grab bars and other safety features, there’s still that wall in the front of the tub that you have to get your legs over in order to get into the tub. A walk in tub eliminates this issue as the door to the tub is in that front wall. You open the door, step into the tub, close it, and enjoy your bath.

• The walk in tub’s door seals when it closes, ensuring that all water stays inside and does not leak onto the floor outside the tub. You’ll be able to safely enter and exit the tub without worry about slips and falls.
• Walk in tubs need to be drained before the door can be opened so that you can exit the tub. Many models may be equipped with quick drain technology so that the water drains within a minute.
• Sitting down on the floor of a tub can be extremely difficult and even painful if your mobility is limited or you are otherwise disabled. Most walk in tubs feature a seat that makes it easy for you bathe comfortably.
In addition to these features, walk in tubs are ideal for therapeutic features such as whirlpool massage and hydrotherapy that can be greatly efficient in physical therapy.


This part of the way that a walk in tub works can seem tricky but it’s really very simple. If your new tub is larger or smaller than your old tub, adjustments can be made to accommodate it and ensure that your tub is properly fitted into the space provided. With the right manufacturer, you won’t have to worry about this at all because they will provide installation on the spot, offering options for one day service so that you can enjoy your independent and comfortable bathing experience as soon as possible. Independent Home can give you the walk in tub that you desire. Friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives are available to answer any questions that you may have about how a walk in tub works and what it can do for you and your quality of life. Find out all the benefits today!

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