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How to install a walk in tub

How to install a walk-in tub?

With walk-in tubs growing in popularity, many potential customers have questions about how to install a walk in tub. To help shoppers understand what is involved, we created a time-lapse installation video of a garden tub to walk in tub conversion. These installations can typically be done in 1 day if you’ve hired a skilled installation team.

Here is a walk in tub project in Texas from April 2016



We have also provided an outline of key steps to help make sense of the details.

Preparation: It is important that our teams treat every project as if they were working on their own homes. Quality installation teams will line the surrounding area of your bathtub with protective carpet/maps as to not scratch existing surfaces.

Removing existing bathtub: Demolition of your current bathtub can be challenging for inexperienced installers. Independent Home installers are the best in the business and average well over 500 installations completed. In this case, the existing tub is a garden tub. Our teams are careful to demo without damaging existing plumbing and remove the tub without damaging surrounding walls.

Aligning plumbing drain and electrical: Make sure your chosen company has the skills to set up the correct plumbing and electrical configuration. This is crucial in all projects, but is even more important if you choose a walk in tub with hydrotherapy jets that are powered by an electric motor and pump.

Bringing the tub into the bathroom: Walk-In Tubs may require widening of existing doorways to get the walk in tub into your bathroom space. Trained installation teams will have no problem tackling this phase of your project.

Faucet installation: Most walk in tubs come with designer chrome faucets with lever handles for ease of use. These are installed before the walk in tub is moved to its final destination, as you can see in the video.

Leveling the tub: No bathroom floor is 100% level, so top grade walk in tubs come with 6 adjustable leveling legs to combat this. Once leveled, your installer will begin the next phase.

Retrofit to existing space: End panels will be custom built on site to ensure the walk in tub fits perfectly into your bathtub stall.

Trim and edges: Our teams will detail the surrounding edges of your walk in tub with trim for a clean look and designer feel.

Clean up: We make a point to clean up after ourselves leave your home and bathroom in better condition than it was when we arrive.

Instructions on how to use the tub: Once the installation is complete, our teams give the homeowners detailed instructions on how to use the walk in tub. There is a completion certificate that our installers must fill out with the homeowner to ensure they are 100% satisfied before the job is officially complete.

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