Small & Compact Cube Walk In Tubs: Built for Small Bathrooms

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Small and Compact Cube Walk In Tubs: Built for Even the Smallest Bathroom

Small and Compact Cube Walk In Tubs: Built for Even the Smallest Bathroom

There are times when the only thing that is keeping you from buying the piece of furniture or appliance that you want is the size of your house or the size of the room where you would put it. However, the predicament gets even more difficult when you want to redesign or provide new fixtures to a bathroom, which is likely the smallest room in your house, and your desired walk-in bathtub is not just small enough to fit into your bath.
If you want to add a bathtub to your bathroom but the space is too small, you can look into cube style tubs. Cube style tubs are made to fit even the smallest bathrooms.

Different Types of Bathtubs

If you are considering getting a bathtub for your bathroom, the first thing you need to do is to know the actual size of the area. Then, you can look into the different types of bathtubs and narrow down your options based on the size.

There are various types of bathtubs. The first type of bathtub, and also the most common, is the alcove bathtub. This is the type of tub that is built attached to the wall with a tiled box to keep it standing. This is the the kind of bathtub that you’ll find in most homes.

The second type of bathtub is known as the drop-in bathtub. You can say that it is just like the Alcove bathtub, but instead of being attached to the wall, the drop-in can be installed in the middle of the bathroom, looking like a free-standing tub, but still within a tiled box.

Like the drop-in tub, the free-standing bathtub is the tub that you can install anywhere inside the bathroom, and it doesn’t even need to be tiled within a box. As the name suggests, it can stand on its own. In this light, free-standing tubs are also considered to be the most stylish among the different types of bathtubs.

Now we are going to move on to the tubs that you might be interested in: those that fit inside small bathrooms. These options are the corner tub, and the cube tub. The corner tub is just like the alcove tub. It is also attached to the wall, but it occupies less space, because instead of occupying an entire wall, it only gets one corner.Finally, there is the new walk in cube tub. This is almost like the other tubs. It may resemble the drop-in tub or the alcove tub, but what sets it apart is it is strictly cube cornered shape. It is also much shorter compared to the other tubs. But in order to compensate for its length, this tub is much deeper compared to the other tubs on the list.

So, after having listed down the different types of bathtubs, have you decided already which type of tub you’ll purchase for your bathroom? Don’t let your creativity and quality of life be limited by the size of your house. Aside from the bathtub, you can also add elegant bathroom fixtures and no lip showers. Remember that if you really want some improvements done, they can be modified to fit into any size of living space.

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