The Concept and Purpose Behind Walk In Bathtubs

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The Concept and Purpose Behind Walk In Bathtubs

The Concept and Purpose Behind Walk In Bathtubs

For the past few years, walk-in bathtubs have become extremely popular in many parts America, Europe, and the Far East. These special tubs were introduced to the home improvement industry about a decade ago, and the demands have exponentially increased since then. The walk-in tub design is especially useful for the elderly and physically-challenged and offers them remarkable comfort, safety and convenience during bathing.

What are Walk In Bathtubs and What is the Concept Behind These Modern Tubs?

Walk-in bathtubs, otherwise known as safety tubs, are bath tubs equipped with some unique features. The first and most conspicuous feature of these tubs is water-tight doors which allow convenient entrance into and exit from it. The entryway is usually only a few inches from the floor, which makes it easy even for those with mobility problems to step in and out. Once seated, there are convenient controls for temperature adjustments and a handy shower head or nozzle for easy bathing. Walk-in bathtubs can also have certain advanced features including Jacuzzi-type therapeutic jets, power seats that can be raised or lowered, aromatherapy and chromotherapy lighting systems.

Walk-in tubs are oftentimes narrower and taller compared to conventional bathtubs. Those who are replacing their traditional tubs will find it necessary to remodel their existing bathrooms to accommodate the new features of walk-in tubs. These tubs can also fit well in even small places like converted closets or laundry rooms. So if your family lives with an infirmed loved one, a walk-in bath tub is most ideal to equip in a second bathroom.

How are Walk-In Bathtubs More Convenient for the Disabled and the Elderly?

Well, most of us able-bodied ones frequently take bathing for granted. Bathing poses as a big challenge for those with mobility problems: imagine having to exhaust their energy climb over the tub and support themselves on one foot, the likelihood of slipping when moving, the strain of manoeuvring through the shower. Walk-in tubs solve all these problems and offer them more independence when bathing. They are given more privacy and more dignity to still be able to do things on their own. Therapeutic jets that can come with walk-in tubs can offer health benefits apart from the luxurious and relaxing bathing experience.

One aspect that is widely talked about with this kind of bath tub is the watertight doors. There are actually two types of walk-in tubs with respect to their doors: the inward swinging and the outward swinging tubs. Inward swing doors save space and allow users to conveniently walk into the tub. As the tub fills, the water adds pressure onto the door to seal it closely shut. The door cannot be opened until the water is completely drained from the tub. On the other hand, outward swinging doors are usually safer and more preferred. Although they consume space and are more expensive, they are easier to exit through when there are emergency situations – hence, may be a better choice for certain needs.

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