Walk in Tubs Provide Great Features that Keep Seniors Safe

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Walk in Tubs Provide Great Features that Keep Seniors Safe

Walk in Tubs Provide Great Features that Keep Seniors Safe

arthitisFor individuals dealing with limited mobility, walk in tubs have a lot to offer. It provides a great way for many seniors and other individuals with mobility issues to take care of personal hygiene tasks on their own. This offers users the ability to keep their independence. Many of the best walk in bath tubs offer more than just safety – they actually create a luxurious, relaxing bathing experience too.

How do walk in tubs work? They are designed with a special door that opens, allowing the individual to easily walk into the tub without having to worry about taking big steps. After shutting the door, a watertight seam creates the tub basin. Users can simply sit down in the tub and enjoy a safe, enjoyable bath.

Many walk in bathtubs come with a variety of different features. One of the main features offered on most tubs is a built-in seat. This allows users to bathe while sitting in the tub. Most tubs come with safety rails as well, allowing individuals with balance or other mobility issues to hold on while entering, exiting and using the tub. Special non-skid flooring or non-skid strips are featured in these tubs, providing traction and reducing the risk of slips and falls while in the tub.

Another common feature of many walk in tubs is a hand-held showerhead. This allows users to shower in the tub without needing to plug the drain. The water simply drains away. For those that take a bath in the walk in tub, the water must be drained before the door is opened again.

All the features offered by walk in bath tubs help to keep seniors safe. They allow seniors to enjoy greater independence, making it easy to bathe on their own without the need of an assistant or nurse. Many people are also surprised to find that these tubs are quite compact. They don’t take up a lot of space, making it easy to fit them in bathrooms of nearly any size.

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