What Size Walk-In Tub Is The Right Choice?

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What Size Walk-In Tub Is Right For You And Your Bathroom?

What Size Walk-In Tub Is Right For You And Your Bathroom?

Without proper research and education, finding the right sized walk-in tub for your situation can be a bit challenging. It is advisable to meet with a potential provider to take measurements of your current bathroom layout in order to determine the best fit. Equally important, a discussion about but why a certain size/model is recommended should take place during your on-site survey.

In this brief walk-in tub guide, we will provide an outline of the unique sizes available and bring some clarity to your shopping process. The measurements included are defined in inches with a width by length format.

30”x52” – Most Popular

Most Popular Walk In Tub : walk in tub

Designed for the traditional bathtub/shower stall that is 60” in length, this size is commonly chosen. During installation, a walk-in tub must me turned/rotated to fit into the existing space. A 52” tub has a turning radius of 59.5”, thus the 30”x52” sized walk-in tub is the best decision.

30”x52” – Wheelchair Accessible Models

handicap bathtubs : best walk in tubs

These bathtubs are equipped to help those who are currently using a wheelchair. If you are disabled, a handicapped accessible model with an outward swinging door will make the transfer from your chair to the seat easier. Keep in mind; the outward swinging door typically requires a larger bathroom space. Be careful to consider obstacles around the bathtub like toilets or vanities as they may block the door and limit easy access. Some models are Hoyer lift/sling lift capable as well.

32”x38” – Cube Model or Front Loader

compact walk in tubs : Walk in tub reviews

A walk-in tub of this size is chosen when the existing shower is a neo-angle shower and the stall is small. These bathtubs include an outward swinging/front-loading door, but are not designed for folks using a wheelchair in the home. This size can accommodate smaller bathers.

28”x48” – Fairly Popular

Washington walk in tubs

This bathtub is selected when the traditional shower/bathtub stall is 48” in length. It is also commonly installed in smaller stalls.

33”x55” – Large Walk-In Tub

large walk in bathtubs

This walk in tub is available in a 33” and 35” width. It is designed for full figured folks over 300lbs. This tub is a great option if you have the space to bring this through the doorways and hallways of the house. The model will also need an upgraded hot water tank due to its size.

26”x53” or 26”x45”

small walk in tubs

Walk-In Tubs with these specifications are constructed with older homes in mind. Older homes often have doorframes that are only 24”-26” wide. Widening the doorway to the bathroom is a regular part of a walk-in tub installation, but if there are obstacles that cannot be adjusted/enlarged like a metal frame, this tub could be the best choice. The model should only be installed for customers that have a smaller project.

Bringing It All Together

Our walk-in bathtub specialists survey thousands of bathrooms every year. When working with Independent Home, our customers can be confident we will help find the perfect size walk in tub for your specific bathroom layout. Remember, one size does NOT fit all. Contact us today for your free in-home consultation.

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