4 Shopping Tips for Finding a Quality Walk in Tub at a Great Price

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4 Shopping Tips for Finding a Quality Walk in Tub at a Great Price

4 Shopping Tips for Finding a Quality Walk in Tub at a Great Price

Buying a walk in tub for your home is an investment for the safety and comfort of your loved one. Although its features offer safety and comfort especially of the elderly and the handicapped, these special tubs provide the same benefits to the rest of the family. Now, the question is: how do you go about finding the best quality walk-in bathtub without having to break your bank?

If You Are on a Limited Budget, Buy Only What You Need

Let’s face it, high-quality tubs do not cost cheap. Special tubs like walk-in tubs that feature swing doors, built-in seat and non-slip surfaces are even more expensive. They are more costly because they make use of quality materials and guarantee durability. Basic walk-in bath models which feature a door and a seat are reasonably-priced at about $1,500. There are certain tubs, however, that feature added perks – like hydrotherapy systems, Jacuzzi type water jets and aromatherapy. Prices for these models can go as high as $10,000 or even more. When shopping for a walk-in tub at a limited budget, you will have to forego those technological features and buy only what you need. Although a Jacuzzi is great to have, they might not be the most practical choice for you at the moment. You must also consider the size as bigger models usually cost more. Remember that a basic walk-in tub that is just the right size for your bathroom will provide enough safety and comfort when bathing.

Compare Prices

Just like with any other high-ticket items, it is best to compare prices before finally deciding to buy. Prices may vary depending on several factors. Generally, buying from a direct distributor will save you more than when buying from a third-party dealer. Of course, make sure that you are choosing a trusted brand and that there are certifications to prove compliance to industry standards.

Consider Buying Online

These days, everything seems cheaper when bought online. The same is true with quality walk in tubs. Safety tubs are usually sold at bargain prices online, thanks to companies that pass off their savings to consumers. When buying online, you will need to be extra careful with choosing a website to trust. Deal only with a reputable site that has been in the market for a while. Fortunately, these special tubs are relatively easy to install with some help from your community plumber.

Do Not Make Price the Sole Consideration

Lastly, it is normal to decide on purchases based on the cost. However, there is more to a sound decision than price – make sure that you choose a brand and a model that provides quality, durability and safety. Cheap walk-in bathtubs are not always the best choice. Sometimes, a model that costs a tad more may be a better investment – if it offers better quality.

A walk-in tub may be considered a luxury item, but it is actually an investment that your loved ones deserve. These tubs cost more, but with the safety and protection they bring, they are sure well worth every penny.

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