5 Tips for Finding a Local Plumber for Your Walkin Tub Installation

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5 Tips for Finding a Local Plumber for Your Walkin Tub Installation

5 Tips for Finding a Local Plumber for Your Walkin Tub Installation

Walk-in tubs are safety tubs designed for the handicapped and the elderly. They provide utmost safety as they feature swinging doors and non-slip surfaces that minimize slippage and accidents that occur frequently with tub bathing. One of the top considerations when buying a walk in tub is installation. Walk in bath tubs are generally easy to install if you have some plumbing know-how. But, if you have help from a plumber, everything becomes a breeze.

When installing a walk in bathtub, plumbers first have to disconnect the water supply of the house, adjust plumbing fixtures such that the pipe and the drain are channelled accordingly. When everything is ready, the tub with door can now be installed. The entire set-up will then be inspected for cracks and leaks, the water pressure is tested, and adjustments are made when necessary.

Needless to say, installing a walk-in tub requires some plumbing and drainage experience. If you are one of the many homeowners who simply don’t have these, your best bet would be to hire a plumber to do all these for you. Here are five tips in finding a good local plumber to help you with your walk-in tub:

Check the Yellow Pages

Yes, the good old trusty Yellow Pages should give you a fairly good list of plumbers to contact. Once you’ve narrowed down the list of plumbers to those servicing your area, start calling them. Ask for pertinent questions, ask about their pricing and find out whether they have previous experience working with step-in tubs.

Get Referrals

Referrals from friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances are big help. A referral is a good way of making sure that the job will get done right. If you know of a friend who has just recently installed a walk in tub for their home, go ahead and ask about the plumber they hired.

The Internet

There are now many companies and individuals posting their services online. A simple search engine search on “plumbing” and your location should give you some results. Of course, make sure to check the company’s background and check with BBB if the company is to be trusted. Note though that it is easiest to make a mistake in hiring when looking for plumbing services online. It is best to search online for a company that has an office nearby that you can visit for bookings and inquiries.

Call the local Chamber of Commerce

Your Chamber of Commerce will surely maintain a network of service providers in your area. Ask if they can recommend a plumber with a good reputation in your community.

Ask Your Dealer

Dealers of walkin tubs usually have contacts with plumbers who can assist their customers whenever needed. Some stores even maintain their own qualified plumbers who have the training and the experience to help install and maintain walkin tubs flawlessly. Before buying, be sure to ask your dealer what assistance they can provide with installation.

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