6 Must Have Mobility Aids for the Elderly and Disabled

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6 Must Have Mobility Aids for the Elderly and Disabled

6 Must Have Mobility Aids for the Elderly and Disabled

As the aging population increase in exponential rates, and as we are faced with more and more numbers of people with disabilities, we all have realized the importance of giving them the opportunity for accessibility and the responsibility for keeping them safe despite their condition. Thanks to the wonders of technology, however, it is now possible to provide comfort and convenience to people who need these the most. Here are some must-have mobility aids that can allow the elderly and the disabled to relatively lead normal lives and go about their everyday living with comfort and protection:


Powered mobility scooters are those chairs that look like wheelchairs but are operated electrically (rechargeable batteries) to move around. They are equipped with handlebars for steering. They can come in 2, 3 or 4-wheel models; can differ in terms of turning radius, weight capacity, battery life, speed, degree of incline, weight, and ease in transport. These scooters can range from about $600 but it can go as high as $3,500.

Lift Chairs

Many elderly and differently-abled find it difficult to stand up on their own. For this purpose, lift chairs have been created. These special electronic chairs come in two types: they can come as a portable lift that can be positioned on a chair to provide added support as he begins to stand up; or they can come as chairs with motorized lift designed underneath the frame. The portable lifts can range from about $150, while full-sized ones can go over $1,000.

Elevated Toilet Seats

These are raised toilet seats that can be attached to the usual toilet to raise it by at most 3 inches (standard). They allow the seat to be at a level of the wheelchair so that the handicapped in wheelchair will not have to lower themselves when sitting on the toilet. Handles are also available which can provide additional support during transfers to and from the wheelchair.


A Rollator is a good option for those who are still quite mobile. Rollators are actually enhanced walker with larger wheels and brakes, and a seat where a storage basket is located underneath. Heavy-duty types which hold users up to 300 pounds can go as high as $400, although cheap models are available from $90.

Walkin Bathtubs

Walk-in tubs allow people with mobility issues to still independently bathe on their own. These special tubs are equipped with a door where they can easily step into and out of, without having to climb over. They also feature hand-held showers and built-in seats for comfort and convenience during bathing. These tubs are lined with non-slip surfaces on the floor and grab bars on the sides for maximum safety from falls and slips.

Mobile Aids for Cars

To be able to transfer a passenger or driver in and out of the automobile, mobile aids like handles (the Car Caddy Helping Hand, for instance) that can be attached to the door frame, and swivel seat cushions that allow 360-degree turning to enter and exit the car are available. they range from $15 to over $30 each.

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