Bathtubs for Elderly People - Why Walk In Tubs Are the Best

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Bathtubs for Elderly People – Why Walk In Tubs Are the Best

It is no secret that as we age, once simple tasks can become much more difficult and hazardous.  Take bathing, for example.  While bathrooms can be dangerous at any age, a young person can usually navigate the side of a bathtub with ease.  As we age, though, our balance can become less steady, and our legs are weaker.  A fall becomes a much more likely scenario.  A walk in tub can alleviate these worries.  They are the safest bathtubs for elderly people on the market.

Easy Entry and Exit – Walk in tubs have a low lip and grab bars for easy entry and exit.  The lip is no more than a few inches high, and the grab bars allow you to grip and keep your balance.

Arthritis Friendly – These tubs have easy to open and close door latches that are friendly to arthritis sufferers.  The jets and warm water in the tub can also help alleviate stress and pain caused by arthritis.

Safety – With safety bars for balance, no slip floors and seat to avoid falls, and easy access, walk in tubs are the safest tubs on the market.  With less to worry about, you can have peace of mind to enjoy your bath.

Luxury – Walk in tubs offer a variety of luxury spa quality features to make bathing even more relaxing.  Hydrotherapy jets and Chromotherapy lights are just a few of the great options.

If you or a loved one are in need of a safe bathtub, call Independent Home today about our walk in bathtub options.  We offer bathtubs for elderly people and have a great selection to choose from.  Call today!

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