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Independent Home is a leading walk in bathtubs company. From Walk in Bathtubs,  Walk In Tub Installation and Walk in Showers, to Hydrotherapy and the best Walk in Tub Prices, you can find all that you need and more at Independent Home. Many people think that walk in bathtubs are very new. However, walk in tubs and showers have been available to consumers for over two decades. That being said, the market and products have changed over the years, but the most important things have remained the same. Firstly, customers come to Independent Home with unique challenges they are trying to solve. Secondly, those challenges are almost always rooted around safe bathing and hydrotherapy pain relief. Fortunately, Independent Home specializes in helping people solve their challenges and find lasting pain relief.

Walk in Bathtubs Blog

Purchasing a walk in bath tub is a decision that requires a fair amount of consideration and research. We encourage you to do your homework and come into it well-informed. This walk in bathtubs blog contains a lot of helpful information that can help you along as you embark on your journey to purchase the perfect tub for you. From questions to ask during your on-site inspection, to finding the right sized tub for your bathroom, you can find it all here. You will also find many customer reviews so that you can hear the first-hand experiences of others. Regardless of what you are looking for, you can find it all on our walk in bathtubs blog. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us today!  We look forward to working with you!

Walk in Bathtubs

Walk In Bathtubs from Independent Home By now, most of you have seen walk in bathtub commercials on TV or ads in magazines. Although Independent Home Walk In Tubs doesn’t advertise using these traditional methods, like you, we’ve seen their

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Best Walk in Tubs

Is Independent Home the Best Walk In Tubs provider? Our team at Independent Home believes we offer the best walk in tubs available on the market today, but we understand we may be a little biased. So instead, we ask

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Jacuzzi Walk in Tub

What is the difference between a Jacuzzi Walk In Tub and an Independent Home Walk In Tub? Jacuzzi is a household brand that focuses on hot tubs, swim spas and regular bathtubs. They introduced a Jacuzzi walk in tub a

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Walk in Bathtubs Prices

Shopping for the best walk in bathtubs prices? Everyone of our past customers and future customers want to get the best prices for their walk in bathtubs. That makes complete sense! Our specialists are here to work with you, side

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Cost of Walk in Tub

What is the cost of a walk in tub? To determine the cost of your walk in bathtub it is most common to get measurements of your current bathroom by a specialist. In doing this, you will come to understand

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Hydrotherapy Tubs

Hydrotherapy Tubs Call Us Today! Toll Free: 800-373-4322 800-373-4322 Hydrotherapy Tubs Reviews: Reviews of a Hydrotherapy Tubs from The Video Review Hydro-Jet Therapy Let’s begin with a bit of walk in tub information. Variable speed Hydro-jets to liven and exhilarate

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Handicap Bathtubs & Shower

800-373-4322 Best Walk in Bathtubs MT: Best Walk In Tub Company in Helena MT from The Video Review on Vimeo. 800-373-4322 Best Walk in Bathtubs MT: Best Walk In Tub Company in Helena MT See our Full Product Line and

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Reviews Of Handicap Bathtubs

Reviews Of Handicap Bathtubs 800-373-4322 Best Walk in Bathtubs TX: Best Walk In Tub Company in Dallas Tx from The Video Review on Vimeo. 800-373-4322 Best Walk in Bathtubs TX: Best Walk In Tub Company in Dallas Tx See our

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