Compact Walk-In Tubs for Small Bathrooms: Consider Cube Walk-In Tubs

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Compact Walk-In Tubs for Small Bathrooms: Consider the Cube Walk-In Tub

Compact Walk-In Tubs for Small Bathrooms: Consider the Cube Walk-In Tub

Small bathrooms pose many difficulties when it comes to decoration as well as practicality. You want to get in all of the necessary functions for safe and convenient bathing but also keep the space looking nice and uncluttered. Compact walk-in tubs are the perfect solution to many of these difficulties as they fit into small spaces and still offer the comfort, safety, and luxury of a standard size walk-in tub without sacrificing any of the features wanted by the buyer. Learn about why this option may be best for your small bathroom and check off one more item on your decorating and furnishing list!

Alleviate the Stress of Remodeling

In order to fit the tub that you want, it may seem like the only option is to break out a wall or extend the space needed in some other way. The option of compact walk-in tubs gives anyone looking to remodel a setup that works and provides the necessary practical functions while avoiding an expensive and inconvenient construction.

The Features of the Cube Walk-In Tub

Independent Home features the Cube Walk-In Tub, which may be the best option on the market for the needs of any person who wants to fit a walk-in tub into a small space. The compact model offers many of the same features as the brand’s standard sized models and does not sacrifice the comfort and safety sought by walk-in tub buyers.

  • A leak proof door seals when closed so no water can get out making the floor slippery or dangerous. The user walks into the tub, closes and seals the door, and fills the tub with conveniently located faucets and controls.
  • The small size of compact walk-in tubs does not diminish from the molded seat or the grab bars installed for added safety. Users can enjoy the comfort of sitting in an elevated seat using the grab bars to get there and never have to deal with lowering themselves to the floor of the tub.
  • The door of the tub also makes it easier to clean, especially due to the small size. The user may open the door to clean the floor and corners of the tub instead of leaning over the side to get to hard to reach places.
  • Compact walk-in tubs feature the same therapeutic options as standard tubs such as hydrotherapy and chromotherapy, so anyone who uses the walk-in tub can feel a spa experience every time with water massage, air massage, and therapeutic colors.

Find Out If Compact is Right For You

As you measure out the dimensions available for your walk-in tub when remodeling your bathroom, take note of the size of the tub to make sure that the tub you select will fit in your designated space. Visit Independent Home to talk to friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives who can help you decided based on your unique specifications. Call for a free quote and to find out more today!

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