Comparing Traditional Tubs with Walk in Tubs

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Comparing Traditional Tubs with Walk in Tubs

Comparing Traditional Tubs with Walk in Tubs

What are these new walk in tubs all about? Are they just hype, considered as the new generation of bathtubs, or are they safety tubs made only for the elderly, the immobile and the handicapped? Well, if you want a straight answer – they are all that and more. To give you an idea, let us compare these new walk in bathtubs with traditional tubs we have grown to love:

Comparison in Terms of SIZE

Walk in bathtubs don’t really differ much from traditional tubs in terms of size. Just like regular tubs, walkin tubs also come in a wide range of sizes and capacities. There are many space saver walk-in bathtubs just as there are large, luxury tub types.

Comparison in Terms of DESIGN

There is one important thing that walk-in tubs have that traditional tubs don’t – a swinging door. Otherwise called step-in tubs, these special tubs feature doors that either swing inward or outward to allow easy entry. With these doors, bathers don’t have to climb over to go inside. Instead, they simply open the door to get in. Of course, since the door has to be opened to get in, this follows that the bather will need to be present in the tub while the tub fills and drains – something that traditional tubs don’t require. Walk-in tubs may also have built-in seats that assure maximum comfort during bathing.

Comparison in Terms of SAFETY

Walk-in bathtubs are marketed as safety tubs. In fact, they are highly recommended as elderly tubs or as handicapped tubs, because of their features. First, swinging doors allow convenient entry and exit – you don’t have to climb over, thus minimizing the risk for slippage associated with this. Second of all, walk-in tubs are often equipped with built-in seats, grab bars and non-slip surfaces to ensure maximum safety. Optional accessories including hydrotherapy jets and air massage systems provide more health benefits especially if the bather is elderly, handicapped or immobile.

Comparison in Terms of FUNCTIONALITY

Traditional tubs have been thought to be luxury features in the bathtub. They allow ultimate relaxation and comfort during bathing, which is why every homeowner wishes to have one in their bathroom. Walk-in tubs are just as functional as traditional tubs. Just like regular tubs, you can also opt for walkin tubs with Jacuzzi features, temperature control and handheld showers -.

As more and more companies concentrate on the needs of the elderly and the handicapped, and as more and more manufacturers seek to provide more luxury in a tub, it seems like the tubs we used to know continue to evolve and change shape. Indeed, walk-in tubs may just be the future of traditional tubs right before our very eyes.

Considering all these differences, is the walk-in bathtub worth buying today? If you have an immobile, a handicapped, or an elderly in your home, then a walk-in tub is definitely an important investment to safety. Of course, these special tubs also guarantee the same amount of protection to the rest of the family – so yes, it is surely worth investing on if finances permit.

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