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Cost of Walk In Tub

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Cost of Walk in Tub

What is the cost of a walk in tub?

To determine the cost of your walk in bathtub it is most common to get measurements of your current bathroom by a specialist. In doing this, you will come to understand what installation work is required to retrofit your bathroom/shower stall. Estimates are free and Independent Home offers a 1-year price guarantee, giving our customers the freedom to compare the costs of walk in tubs.

Lower the cost of a walk in tub with Independent Home

To help bring costs down, we offer a discount certificate for the installation of your walk in bathtub that you can download before you meet with us. As a company, we our goal is to help make walk in tubs affordable for anyone that is challenged with safe bathing or anyone who needs therapeutic relief from hydrotherapy benefits. If you are a veteran, you can receive a HISA grant to help subsidize your remodeling project and make your bathroom transformation more affordable.

Considering Alternatives

Once you get your written price quote for the cost of your walk in tub, you will be able to compare it to alternatives. You could consider moving to a third party assisted living community and research those costs. In speaking with our customers, we have found that most aging homeowners have decided that they would rather age in place and live in the comfort of their own home. That said, be sure to research all options to find out what is best for your situation.

Does Medicare help cover the cost of a walk in tub?

Walk-in tubs are considered an out-of-pocket expense and are not covered by Medicare or Medicaid. The reason is that folks without any mobility or therapeutic needs are able to use the walk in bathtub so it’s considered a luxury expense by these organizations, and hence the cost of walk in tubs is an out-of-pocket purchase. If households where kids live with ageing parents, walk in tubs are increasingly common because the parent can use the tub for safety/therapy reasons and the adult child can still use the product as a stand up shower or for a nice soak.

Independent Home is willing to help offset the cost of walk in tubs with our discount certificate in the amount of $1500. We know it’s important to offer whatever assistance we can to our customers who often desperately need our products and services because of important health and safety challenges they are facing.

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