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Walk In Tub Reviews

We are excited to share the stories of our walk in tub reviews happy walk in tub customers across the nation. There is nothing more gratifying than receiving these reviews and hearing about how we were able to make a difference in our customer’s lives. Independent Home Walk-In Tubs has partnered with the BBB and ConsumerAffairs. We have A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and a 5 out of 5 star rating with ConsumerAffairs.

Walk In Tub Reviews from Customers

Read our walk in tub reviews from homeowners that chose to work with us on their walk in tub projects! Call us today 888-664-6920 for your free in-home estimate.

walk in tub reviews

Evelyn of Naples, FL

When I got a call from an Independent Home salesman, I told him to come and talk to me because I was interested and I had been looking at different products. He came and I liked him very much. He was very nice and not pushy. He gave me the information I requested. I told him at that time that I might not be doing it for a while and he told me that it was perfectly all right. He then asked that I keep the information and when I’m ready, to just give them a call and they’ll come and talk to me. Eventually, we decided to go ahead with it. The men who came to install the smaller model bathtub were excellent. They were very polite, they tried not to disturb us and they cleaned up after themselves. They came, did everything they had to do and were out in a day. They even kept in touch with me. So far, the bathtub is fine and I like it very much. Everything looks great.

Priscilla of Fort Myers, FL

I love the tub! I like the spa the best because we’ve got six acres and after working outside, I take a shower upstairs, get things organized in the house then I’m like, “Okay, it’s spa time. Don’t disturb me.” I have my music and drinks. Aside from that, the gentleman who had come from Independent Home was also wonderful. He just sold us. I had seen the walk-in tub ads on TV but I like something more personable and it was like we had known the gentleman all our lives. He was very down to earth and straight to the point. He was also wonderful about answering any questions and what our concerns were. The installers were wonderful too. Those were good old country boys and that’s what I like. They showed us how it worked and they were excellent.

Biruta of Scarsdale, NY

When I spoke to Independent Home’s charming salesman, everything went well. We tested their walk-in tub models and we took it. Their installation team was wonderful. They were able to take the old tub out and reinstall another in one day. It was amazing. So far, our experience with the walk-in tub has been very good, but I don’t like to sit there that long during hot times. Still, I’m happy I have it.

Peggy of Bryan, TX

Jason and Josh were very pleasant. They came on time and worked hard and very fast. They cleaned up very well the whole time they were here. The spa looks great and will be a wonderful and safe addition to our home. We can’t wait to use it.

Kathie of Gresham, OR

We were cruising the internet and my husband picked out four tubs to look into and the Independent Home walk-in bathtub was one of them. The gentleman who came out, Murray, was very pleasant. He answered all the questions, and I had several in-between. The price was also much more reasonable than a couple of the others. We ended up going with the middle of the line model. It’s wide and it’s a 32. It’s the widest they had and it fits just right. I wanted the door on the outside and the most necessary thing I needed was I wanted to have it wide enough so I wasn’t wedged in there like a sardine. I’m wide and I wanna make sure I had enough width to fit comfortably on the seat. It was fit into the space that we had perfectly. The installation team was fast. Though they had to cut our bathtub out with a very noisy tool, we didn’t even know they were there. They did it all in one day and cleaned as they went.

Walk in Tub Review: Aubrey of Arlington, TX

Jason and Josh were very respectful, clean and organized. They are very hard workers. We love our new shower. It looks terrific and we can’t wait to use it. They cleaned up everything very well so we didn’t have to.

Franklin of Bristol, IN

I’ve looked at a bunch of walk-in bathtubs that’s on television locally and I have some issues with not doing local labor. Then a lady who is one of Independent Home’s exterior staff people called and talked to us about thinking about walk-in bathtubs. She was consistent and willing to adjust to my timetable. It would be different if I made $200,000 a year and there was never enough money to worry about. But the issue was I needed to talk to her a couple of times, and she was persistent in a nice way. She also made sure that she calls back when she said she would.
I like the idea of doing the bathtub installation in one day instead of dirt and tearing the place apart. Their installers said they’ll come, and they came at 10:00 o’clock in the morning. The two fellows that came worked very well together. They worked with us if we had some questions. They had to do some adjusting and some modifications that I suppose were just normal for them. They also took with them our large old corner tub out and I did not have to dispose of it. They didn’t bang up all the rest of the walls and the furniture, too. They took out the shower that was there and took it with them as well. They left that shower stall in such condition that my carpenter could come in and build a cabinet for towels, so that was good.
They were still here at 7:00 pm, but it was all done and done perfectly and I have no callbacks of any kind, except to tell them that I like using it. The bathtub is a little different than what I had been used to. But I know, going forward, if I need a tub like it, either for getting in and out of it instead of crawling over the side of the tub, that part is taken care of when I’m in a wheelchair someday. The Independent Home walk-in bathtub is really easy to use and there are no leaks.

Deb of Walker, MN

The tub installation was exceptionally thought out and executed. The surrounding woodwork enclosure was very well done and because of the change in floor size Jay expertly installed flooring. We are extremely pleased with the result and would recommend it to anyone. Jay was very easy to work with, agreeable and knowledgeable and consulted with us every step of the way. Well done!

Walk in Tub Review: Edward of Oak Harbor, WA

The people who installed my Independent Home walk-in tub took a small space and found more space, so they can put the tub in there. They eliminated an awful lot of my storage areas, but that was a small sacrifice for having the tub. The tub is different and has built-in water jets, which are nice. But, the biggest thing for me about this tub is that I can sit down. What I do when I get in is I shower as the tub fills, and then once the tub fills, I turn those jets and sit there for a few minutes. It feels good when I’m in there, but it tires me out. And as I’m readying for bed, I pull the plug and it empties quickly which is good. I never have to freeze to death waiting for the water to go away. I would recommend Independent Home.

Darla of Navasota, TX

I looked at different walk-in tubs online and we got a telephone call from someone at Independent Home. We were asked if we were interested in looking into it and so they set up an appointment. It was easy to purchase the tub from Independent Home. They set up a financing plan for us because we told them that we could not do it any other way. Two young women came and installed the tub. They were very good, very efficient, very professional and very pleasant. My husband has fallen a number of times getting in and out of the shower so the tub is safer. And the health benefits, the massaging is very good. My husband feels better since he used the tub. I would recommend Independent Home.

Lee of Cleveland, OH

When the tub I had got a crack in it, I decided to get a walk-in bathtub from Independent Home because my mother and my husband got bad backs so it’d be easy for them to get in and out. The installation experience was okay. I like that the tub’s handle and sitting are much better than having a bath chair and putting up bars and stuff. I would recommend Independent Home.

J. of Ar, AR

I’m a retired VA and diabetic. I have heard of American Home through my brother. Their reps are great and the installation was also good. The tub is outstanding. Everyone should have Independent Home.

Lorraine of Hot Springs, AR

I had been thinking about getting something done to my bathtub and the installation experience I had with Independent Home was very pleasant. Their installers came a day early, which was nice for me. They called and asked to do it that day and they worked very hard and didn’t make a lunch break. They just worked until it was finished. The tub is in the guest room and it’s mostly for a company who comes frequently and has a lot of problems with his legs.

Horace of Central City, IA

I’ve been thinking about getting a walk-in bathtub because my wife can’t get around very well. Independent Home called me, came by, and I decided to get one from them. The tub is good quality and I like it. Also, their sales reps and installer were very good.

Martha of North Little Rock, AR

My house was built in 1967 and I had a tub with a shower. I was afraid to get back in it since I broke my ankle last June. Then, somebody came to my door about Independent Home’s walk-in bathtubs. I hesitated because I didn’t want to overextend myself since I’m retired. But they gave me a deal I couldn’t refuse. The salesman was really nice, explained everything to me about the tub, and didn’t try to pressure me into buying something that was more than what I needed.
The installation team was also very good. They went above and beyond what was necessary. My bathroom door stuck a little, so they took it off then went and cut off a little bit of it at the bottom and fixed it for me, so it doesn’t stick anymore. I have some loose tiles on the bathroom floor, too, and they fixed those for me. So, I was really impressed with them and the work they did. I was very pleased with my experience and I would highly recommend Independent Home to anyone who is considering getting a walk-in tub.

Walk in Tub Reviews: Joe of Florence, AL

We had a phone call about walk-in bathtubs from the people that make it. Also, I had been looking at walk in tub reviews and  pictures of tubs and thinking about it. After the lady’s presentation, I told her I was ready to talk to her representative. So, Independent Home sent a nice young fellow here to talk to us about walk-in tubs. The rep and I had a great interaction! He did a follow-up after we installed the tub and he stayed here a couple of hours. We talked about all kinds of stuff and seemed like one of the family before he left. The tub I got has a 30 L air vent and a compressor. I fill it up with hot water and if I want a massage or hydrotherapy treatment, I push a little button on the side and the motor starts blowing air through everywhere. I really enjoy getting in the tub and it’s like getting a massage all over.
My wife and I have impaired blood flow in our limbs and the tub seems to be helping me. It’s supposed to help the circulation in older people in the capillary veins. In fact, I’m going tomorrow to have Doppler run on mine. The installation team who came out was a great crew. The first crew who came brought the wrong tub as it wouldn’t go through any of the doors. So, they had to wait a week and had another tub made, especially made to go through our bathroom doors. The guys that installed it were really nice, neat, and they did a great job installing it. Also, they went over everything and how to operate it. They covered all fields. Independent Home is a great company and did what they said they would do.

John of Tacoma, WA

My wife and I couldn’t get into our old bathtub so we both needed something that has a small step. I liked the one Independent Home has so that was the one we got. The guys who came out to install the unit were very nice and polite. The one that they originally brought to install had a dent in it so they got a new one that didn’t have a dent. Everything went together so well. I really enjoy the bathtub. I don’t have to be a like a monkey and climb up over the top of the old one. Also, my wife is blind so I have to show her and help her in just so she gets to use the thing and so far it’s been really wonderful. Independent Home was great.

Barbara of Wurtsboro, NY

I bought a shower from Independent Home and we’re very happy with it. When the guy came to the house and talked to us, it seemed like a good thing to go with Independent. That guy was very good. The man who installed it was wonderful as well. I would recommend Independent Home.

Elane of Nashville, TN

We’ve been talking about getting a walk-in bath tub for a couple of years. Then we saw Independent Home in the magazine and it sounded good, so we called them and they called us back. We ended up getting the top of the model. We’re getting older and it’s easier to get in and out of. We don’t have to stand up in the shower to slip and fall. It’s also easy to work with and it fills up and empties fast. Plus, the air jets make it so much more soothing inside the tub. When it was installed, the reps who came out were fantastic. They introduced themselves and explained to us what they were going to do. Then they put down covers so they wouldn’t mess up our carpet in order to get to the bathroom it was going into. They went over with my husband exactly where they were going to set it, how they were going to build the wall, and asked if that was okay with him. We couldn’t ask for better workers. We’d recommend Independent Home.

Bob of Corsicana, TX

Independent Home’s sales rep came in the house and did business with us. I liked the way he talked and the way everything added up, so I was ready and I went with them. The bathtub I got was just a straight walk-in model. What the sales rep discussed was exactly the way it went down whenever they came out to put it in. Their installers were the best bunch of guys I have ever worked with, and I worked with a lot of people in my lifetime. They were courteous, they cleaned up after their mess, they did not leave one thing undone, they loaded all the trash up and hauled it off.

Jonathan of Brunsville, NC

I called Independent Home and a salesman came by the house. I got the walk-in tub and the installation took about eight hours. A man and his wife did the installation and I had an excellent experience with them. So far, I’m satisfied with it.

Shirley of Ione, WA

We’re really pleased with Independent Home and we really like our 28 x 48 white Life Tub. And it’s got the spray on it. We don’t have the shower on it because we have a shower. The person who sold the tub to us was really good and thorough. He also pointed out things. The installation team that came and did everything was excellent. Luckily too, I had a toilet and a sink that needed to be put in and they put it in for me at no charge. I really enjoy the tub. In fact, I’m sending a picture of the tub to a neighbor of mine to have him contact Independent Home.

Vicky of Eugene, OR

I had a stroke and I couldn’t get in a regular bathtub. I got a walk-in tub from Independent Home that has the shower and the vibrating stuff on it. Independent Home’s rep was nice and he explained everything to me. The installers were great. And I love my Independent Home bathtub. The company was cheaper than most of the people, too. I’d recommend them to everybody.

J. of Tn, TN

We had checked another company here in the area. Part of our home is a trailer that we have built onto and they told us that they would not put tubs in a trailer. We didn’t check any further because we figured if one company wouldn’t do it, then nobody else would. Somebody from Independent Home called here one day, and my husband set up an appointment with one of their employees who came and told us all about the walk-in bathtub. We chose a model that seemed like it fit all of our needs and the guy that talked to us seemed like an honest person. The installation went fine. The installers did a perfect job and everything looks great. Moreover, they were very courteous and as nice as they could be. We are satisfied customers. We’re pleased with Independent Home and it’s a good choice.

Janice of Puyallup, WA

It was very easy buying a tub from Independent Home. They dealt with us professionally. They came in, they took our old one and put the new one in. They were very clean and efficient. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. I would recommend them.

Jean of Carson City, NV

After we moved, Independent Home was the first one I saw regarding walk-in tubs. A guy came out and we talked about the tub, then we debated where we were going to put it and about the size of the water heater that we had. We wanted the air stuff in it then we tossed around a few different models and went with the average model. Purchasing the tub was a cinch. After the guy came out and we decided what tub we wanted, I put a down payment on it then I paid the rest once it was installed and working fine.
They had somebody change what day they wanted it installed and so they called and said they had an opening sooner than what they had scheduled. So they were able to come sooner than what was scheduled which was nice because we were moving into the home. We wanted all these stuff done before we brought all the furniture in.
The installation team was great. There was one main guy and he had two apprentices with him. They did all the hard and dirty work. They took out the bathtub and switched all the plumbing around. It came all the way from the door through the living room and to the bathroom. They were here for three days and every night, when they were done, they picked up their cloth, got down on their hands and knees, and went around picking up any bit of trash that they saw. I’ve nothing but kudos for Independent Home. They were fast, efficient, very polite, and very nice. They didn’t mind my little puppy or anything running around getting in their way. I would tell others that Independent Home did good work, their product was excellent, and they would be a good company to go with.

J. of Id, ID

I’m so glad we bought a walk-in bathtub from Independent Home. So far, I haven’t heard my dad complain about anything. He really needed it because he was climbing into the tub and sitting on a bench. He made the appointment and we were impressed with the salesman. He was personable, explained everything well, and he didn’t pressure us. Even after the installation, he asked us if we had any problems or questions and that we could get a hold of him if we did.
The guys that came and installed the tub were also good considering that the place where the tub would be located was not easy to get to. They had to carry some stuff across the yard and up the side of the hill. They could drive up there, but they didn’t want to bring the truck up there on the grass. They explained everything a few times so that we understood it all, then they cleaned up all of their mess and we were happy. The walk-in bathtub went exactly in the same place as my dad’s old bathtub. It has the jets in it and you can put the snowy stuff in there. It has worked out well for my dad. I’d tell friends that if they also want one, they should get a hold of Independent Home.

William of Ponte Vedra, FL

The guys from Independent Home who came to install our Deluxe bathtub cleaned up. I like our tub’s size and the other things that went along with it. I also liked Independent Home’s pricing.

Anita of Point, TX

Independent Home was the only walk-in and specialty tub manufacturer advertised. Their representative was very nice and informative. I got a walk-in shower, and the guys who came to install were polite. I brought a chair and went into the other room and they closed the bathroom and didn’t disturb me. I’ve enjoyed the shower. It’s a very good quality shower.

Tom of Mesa, AZ

Independent Home’s price was better than other manufacturers, and their salesman was exceptional, too. He was very cooperative, helpful, straightforward and didn’t press me for decisions. He also extended the warranty for new owners. I liked him. I bought a standard unit tub that has both the water and air jets. The installers were very neat and did an awfully nice job.

Martin of Milton, FL

Everything with Independent Home was top-notch. The installation team was very professional, courteous and cleaned up after themselves. The overall quality of the tub is outstanding. I have used it several times and I really like it.

Tom of Pleasant Grove, AL

I was reading something about walk-in bathtubs and my wife had been wanting one and it was so near Christmas. A guy representing Independent Home came out here to talk to us and I liked what he did. He was well-versed in what the company offered and we bought the tub on the spot. We got the tub that had jets in it which my wife was needing. We’re both old, I’m 71 and she’s soon to be 70.
We started construction on it right away and they did a very good job on it. They did the demolition and took the old tub out. They had to remove a couple of doorframes and facings in the bathroom to get it out which was a little bit more involved than what they felt they would have to do at the time. Other than that, it was pretty much a really smooth installation. We’re installing new tiles and that’s supposed to be starting tomorrow in that particular bathroom. I used the tub one time but my wife uses the tub weekly. As a matter of fact, it has been used several times during the wait month. My sister and brother-in-law came in and used it and they liked it. My oldest daughter used it and she liked it as well. I’m pretty satisfied and I’ve recommended Independent Home.

John of Long Beach, MS

I’m disabled and in a wheelchair so I went with the handicapped walk-in tub and I chose Independent Home because of their warranty. Their people were excellent and the installation was marvelous and expedient. The tub makes bathing a lot easier and safer. It was an enjoyable experience and the tub’s quality is beyond my expectation.

Iradell of Birmingham, AL

I enjoy my Independent walk-in bathtub. I like that you can just sit down and take a bath, without being afraid you’re going to fall. The installers were courteous and cleaned up after themselves.

C. of Al, AL

Some young man came out and talked to me about Independent Home. He was from Mobile and an Auburn Graduate. He was very nice, very informative and knew all about the product. The installer who came was also very good, very accommodating and did really pretty work. I needed something to give me some balance and the walk-in tub solved the problem.

Lee of Tulsa, OK

Independent Home’s walk-in tubs were a bit cheaper than some companies. I decided to buy from them a specific model that caught my eye. I wrote the man a check and hadn’t had any buying problem with it. The installation team got here by 8:00 that morning and left at 6:00. They did a very good job of putting it here. I like the idea and wanted that type of tub. It was easy to get in and out of it. I don’t have to climb up over the side to get in there.

Marcia of Gig Harbor, WA

We purchased a tub about 2 weeks ago and could not be more pleased. The tub is everything we had hoped for and more. The installers (Jerry and his 2 sons) completed the installation in one day and were so professional and helpful. They explained everything perfectly and even left a phone number if we needed anything or had any questions. We are VERY satisfied. Thank you!

Laura of Poulsbo, WA

We moved into our house and my mother wants to stay downstairs. Her bathroom was old and we were going to re-do it. My husband said that we’d look at the walk-in bathtubs. I did a quick search and started looking. We talked with Independent Home reps. They were wonderful and did an amazing job. They were also local to the area and I like dealing with those companies. If there are problems, I can call them back and they’ll fix it the next day. The guy who came out was super nice and he lived not far from us. Also, the installers were amazing.
The tub is a really good product and it fits in the space nicely with everything we wanted. It also has a good warranty which is good for five years. They were telling me about a lady who called at Thanksgiving whose daughter dropped a razor down it by accident and they came out that evening and fixed it. Overall, we’ve had a really good experience with Independent Home. I am extremely happy with how everything went and I have recommended them to a friend.

George of Big Spring, TX

We’re getting up in advanced years and because of health reasons, it’s more difficult for us to take an ordinary sit-down bath. After getting some mail from different companies that have the walk-in bathtub, we chose to go with Independent Home. Buying a bathtub from them was an easy process. They called and we chose a convenient time for the representative to come. 15 minutes before the representative arrived, he called and said he was on his way. He was here on time and was very courteous. He made his presentation then we sat down to discuss the price and it was very reasonable.
One of the main things on our decision, we had another company out, and they had made their presentation. But at the end of their presentation, they informed me that I was going to have to install a 50-gallon water heater. And when I asked this man about it, he said we won’t have to install a bigger water heater. So he measured and said that the bathtub will go right through the door. It was a very easy installation as far as bringing it in the house, down the hall and right into the bathroom. The installation team was very courteous and well-prepared. They came in and assessed the situation as what they would have to do. They went back to the truck and got the necessary floor coverings and put them down. We had a real nice visit and they did a great job from start to finish.

Anita of Clovis, NM

I don’t get around very good anymore and can’t get in and out of the bathtub, so I got a walk-in bathtub and I like it. I chose Independent Home because of its price. It was easy to purchase from them, and the installation team did a good job.

Louise of Tucson, AZ

Greg from the Independent Home dealer was very good. He sent me all the stuff through email and answered any questions I had. Ozzy, who did the installing, was absolutely wonderful and had a great personality. The gentleman who helped him, Joe, was good too. They got a little bit earlier than they thought but everything went smooth. Ozzy even went out his way to make sure everything’s safe. I have also referred a friend who’s remodeling and she’s going to contact Independent Home to get the bathtub.

Patsy of Big Spring, TX

I just turned 84 and it was getting too hard for me to lift my legs up to get into my tub. I’ve been getting literature in the mail about walk-in bathtubs, mainly from Independent Home, and I showed this to my daughter. My daughter said, “Mother, you can afford it. Get it.” So, I got a walk-in bathtub from Independent Home and I love it. I got it for health reasons and, with my handicap, to make it easy for me to get into the tub. Purchasing the tub was very easy. I just called the dealer and they took my credit card information. They told me when they’d see me about the tub and they showed up when they said they would. The guys that installed the tub were very nice. Everything went well and I had a great experience with Independent Home.

Richard of Tucson, AZ

I’ve seen walk-in tubs back in magazines for years. But at that time, my wife and I had good knees and hips. It was something that would be nice to have, but I don’t need it. It got where both of us are having difficulties with joints. I decided to get one. Independent Home’s salesman came in and we’d bat the breeze. He was a likeable guy. The other outfit was American Standard and their salesman was the gnarliest and nastiest guy in the world. If we didn’t go along with his feel, he would give dirty looks and acts upset. We knew we wanted the tub but Independent Home’s salesman made the difference. In terms of my dealing with the installation team, it was great. There were two guys who showed up. The door jammed to the casing around the door and they put all that back. They cleaned up and were courteous. They were very professional and did it in a very short period of time.
My wife uses it all the time but I don’t think I need it yet, although it does have a shower. But I sat at it one time and it felt good. She gets leg cramps, and sometimes she has to get up in the night. She will go sit in that tub, do its thing and she says it helps her. It’s great. It looks like a little higher quality chrome, doesn’t have any leaks in the bottom and no junk falling off. I weigh 300 pounds and when I step on it, I don’t feel it sag where I stand. It feels like it’s pretty well-built. My wife is pleased with it, and when she does, it means my life gets a lot better. I had a good experience and I would recommend it.

Helen of Morristown, TN

Scott and Barb were very efficient, they know the product and features. The installation procedure went very well. They keep everything clean, they do a great job. Nice people and we would recommend them 100%. Salesman Dave ** was very knowledgeable and manager Bryan ** was very helpful. I think we will be very happy with our new walk-in tub.

Bonnie of Buena Vista, TN

A guy from Independent Home came by to see us. We’ve had a good experience buying the tub from the dealer who was a nice person. Also, the purchasing process was pretty easy. The installer was nice and courteous too. He was able to answer any question that I had.

Pat of Tecumseh, OK

I got a walk-in tub from Independent Home. The sales rep came out and talked to us about it and we got what we wanted. The installers came and built it in. I read the information and how to use it. Overall, I’m satisfied with everything.

Joel of Westminster, SC

We got a standard walk-in tub from Independent Home. The salesman, Rodney, was very good, helpful and worked with us a great deal in terms of accommodating our schedule. For my wife, who has a Parkinson’s, even if she didn’t take a soaking bath, giving her a shower with her sitting down in there and me not having to bend way over is a really nice feature of a walk-in tub. It makes it easy for me to do that.

Jean of Mesa, AZ

Independent Home is the best. I have called a lot of different companies about walk-in bathtubs and somebody from them called me back. The dealer that I spoke with was great and their installers were very good as well. Everything was fine.

Vickie of Albertville, AL

When I purchased a tub from Independent Home, it was easy. I like the ease of getting in and out and that it fit in the space that we had. There was no problem during the installation and we’ve had the tub for four months now. I would recommend Independent Home if my friends were considering it.

J. of Tn, TN

I have neuropathy and I’m trying to get my feet to feel something so I decided to get a walk-in bathtub. Independent Home was the first one to call and so they were the one that got the deal. Everybody was nice and considerate at Independent Home. The installation team was also really good. They were courteous and showed me how the walk-in bathtub works. So far, it’s been good. I’d advise other people to use Independent Home as well.

John of Missoula, MT

The Independent Home salesman was a local Montana guy who lives in Helena and he seemed real nice. He came, sat, talked to us about the tub, and gave us a final price on it. We gave him a downpayment and it was an easy purchasing process. They set up an installation date and were on time. They came, installed the tub, and get out of here about 6:00 that night. They hauled away all the garbage and everything else and cleaned up their mess when they got done. It was a tremendous experience.

Florence of Lynwood, WA

I am disabled and can’t get in and out of a bathtub. I went on the computer and I liked what I saw so I called Independent Home. The installers did what they were supposed to do. They made the walk-in bathtub look nice up in the bathroom and cleaned up after themselves. I’ve talked to some of my friends that are seniors like I am about the tub and I would recommend them to friends.

I. of Wa, WA

I kept complaining to my husband that the step in our walk-in tub was too high. So he found out about Independent Home’s Walk-in Bathtubs. They came out and gave us an estimate. When the gentleman came, I told him that the old step was too high and he agreed with me. I had an accident before so I don’t have the total ability to step up a little higher to get in and out of the tub. But now it’s much easier to step into the tub and I also enjoyed it. The guys that installed the bathtub were good, kind and considerate.

Alex of Minden, NV

Independent Home had a tub dimension I wanted. It’s the smallest one they make. We had a huge 80-gallon bathtub. We never used it since it was hard to get in and out of and it created water shortage when you fill it. I wanted to get rid of that. I ended up with the jacuzzi. The walk-in tub was a secondary thing. My wife has some arthritis in her back and didn’t like leaning over to put her makeup on and I wanted to create a space to put a sit-down counter for her to put her makeup on. So, I wanted to have a minimum sized walk-in tub.
The tub worked fine and they did an excellent job installation-wise. When we took the tub out, a marble wall panel was created to put around it. It looks excellent. I looked at some walk in tub reviews, and I purchased a tub directly from Independent Home. I called the factory, made sure they could put the sides and ends on it to accommodate the way I wanted to turn it. I worked directly with the factory. They sent the installer out. The guy was very easy to work with and understood what I wanted to accomplish. He did a good job and cleaned up after they left. And I’m very satisfied with it.

Roger of Tonopah, AZ

I had my shower changed to a garden style tub. I wanted to get something that I could use to a better experience than a walk-in shower, where I can soak in and bathe. Their two installers were great and they did a good job. They had the old one out and the new one in within three hours. They also took their time to go over everything with me. They made sure I knew how to operate the tub.

Ralph of Lacey, WA

I met a good man who came to the house and explained a whole lot of things about Independent Home. During the installation, it took the installers eight hours to put the walk-in tub in which was good. They knew what they were doing and everything was all right. I’d recommend them to anybody, and that’s whyI’m pleased to write such a positive walk in tub  review.

Bill of Boise, ID

It was great with Independent Home all the way through. We went with them for our tub because I like the way that the sales was presented and gave me a lot of information. Getting the tub was something that we had thought about, but the sales rep had all the information available and facts about the other companies that was good as far as getting somebody else in for a second or third opinion. We talked about the model that would work for us, and it was everything that I had expected. Our tub’s got the shower attachment, which is great. It also has the air bubbler, which works wonderfully. So, it was everything that I’ve wanted in a tub and I couldn’t ask for anything more.
It was all good with the installation team. We were able to do the preset in our garage. It was a cold, nasty winter day when they were here, so that worked out great. The guys jumped right in and took over, and they got the old tub out and the new one in. They worked hard and had everything in and going by the end of the day. There wasn’t a wasted moment at all, and by the time they were all done, we were ready to go. The tub has been perfect ever since then. I see many folks have left excellent walk in tub reviews. Make me yet another one.

Debbie of Kansas City, MO

I told Independent Home what we needed and they chose the 2016 Acrylic Deluxe model for us. The guys that came and put it in were nice and professional. They had to make the bathroom door bigger. We had a sunken bathtub and they had to remove that and go down to the basement. They cleaned up and got everything out of the way. I’d rather not have somebody in my house doing things, but it was not as bad as I thought it would be. It was noisy because they had to use saws, but it wasn’t a bad experience. They let us know when they were coming and they made it as easy as possible.

Mattie of Atlanta, TX

In the beginning, I didn’t care who I got the tub from. I called other people for the tub and made two or three appointments and they never showed up. But when looked at some other walk in tub reviews and called Independent Home, they actually came out and showed up for the appointment to do an estimate so I went with them. The sales rep from Independent Home was great and nice. He explained everything to me and it worked out good. Then, the installation team was really great and they were all nice. It didn’t take them till 12 o’clock at night to finish either. The guy explained everything to me and showed us how everything worked. They were also really neat and they fixed everything they tore up. Also, if anything goes wrong, there’s a lifetime warranty on it. I can call him in and he’ll have somebody close to come out.
I love the tub. I don’t have to worry about picking my right leg up high to get in it and I like the seat and the jets in it. Everything worked out for me and even the shower worked good. They put something up where I could put the shower up and high like a regular shower instead of holding it in my hand and they put some bars up to hold on to. It’s neat and I have tried to talk people into getting it.

Dorothy of Hayden, ID

The guy from American Standard was supposed to come out here but he called that day and said he didn’t wanna come and that tub would be expensive for us anyways. They didn’t even ask us if we wanted it or not. Then right after that, this lady called from Independent Home and she sent a guy out the next day and we bought it. He was real nice. And so we just signed up with him and then we got our tub in a couple of weeks. The tub that we purchased got a shower, hot and cold water and air jets. It’s a real nice tub. I really like it. The installation team were great. They did a good job and finished it up so it just looks really nice.

Ann Marie of Randolph, MA

As an educated consumer I have been accused of being obsessive about “doing my research”. The fact that this purchase of a walk-in tub was for my mom made me be even more diligent. That’s when I came across Independent Home online. From my initial call with Ari I felt at ease with his concern and desire to accommodate us with whatever we would need. He visited her home and I must say that this is where he belongs… In your home.
As a nurse I am sensitive to the fact that those in the “home care” world must have empathy… He listened intently to the details of mom’s latest fall. He picked up right away on my anxiety given the fact that I live out of town and am trying to do whatever I can to make her home as safe as possible. His calm, caring demeanor allowed me to be able to hear all the information he was sharing with me. After a few minutes with his tape measure he laid out a plan for us. I never felt pressured or uncomfortable with the decisions I needed to make regarding the tub model that we chose.
On installation day my “crew”, Riaz, Roberto and Brian, showed up at the door ready and prepared for the day. I was taken back by their care and respect for my mother’s home… not the usual with my experience with contractors/installers. They listened to me, listened to Ari who had spoken with them before they came and did not stop working for the entire time they were here!! The ancillary concerns I had when I initially met with Ari were carried out by the crew to a T. Roberto went over everything with me during the demonstration of the tub operation and I was thrilled with the entire experience. If you don’t choose Independent Home for your  purchase and  walk in tub installation I wish you luck. 5 stars does not say enough. Thank you so much IH… Please consider this review a verbal hug!!!

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