Easy In and Easy Out: The Benefits of Owning a Walk in Bathtub

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Easy In and Easy Out: The Benefits of Owning a Walk in Bathtub

Easy In and Easy Out: The Benefits of Owning a Walk in Bathtub

You surely know by now what walk in tubs are. These walk in bathtubs use pretty much the same concept and
functionality as traditional tubs. However, they offer a few extra safety features that our regular tubs don’t. For one,
these so-called step in tubs feature a swinging door that makes it a whole lot easier for a bather to walk in and out of the
tub. But what about these swinging doors make these tubs oh so special? Let us find out what “easy in, easy out” really
means in relation to walk-in tubs.

As people age, or when someone is struck with a debilitating disease affecting the nerves of hormones of the trunk or
the legs, one will find it more and more difficult to carry the weight of their entire body on one leg, life the other and
climb onto the regular bathtub. Add this with the fact that when you balance on one foot, it can be very easy to get
outbalanced. And when you climb into a tub that is slippery, you will have to say that bad luck definitely come in three’s.

Now, even if you successfully climb over the regular tub, the ordeal does not stop there. You will have to gather effort to
lower your body down and sit on the floor. And depending on what your bath routines are, sooner or later, you will have
to raise yourself again and stand. And afterwards, the entire climbing over step will have to be repeated when you’re

Through these steps, it is not very unlikely for one to slip with one false move. One slip or fall can lead to serious injury –
and can prove to be fatal.

Now that you can imagine how difficult it is to climb in and out of the regular tub, let us now see how a walk in bathtub
can minimize all the risks (and pain) involved in bathing.

A walkin bathtub basically makes bathing a lot safer through 3 important ways:

1. Through its swing doors, these safety tubs offer very low step-in height. With a step-in height of only a few inches, you
literally only walk into the tub.

2. The walkin bath tub features a door that opens easily and closes tight shut easily as well. The door may be outward or
inward. These doors often have grab bars to ensure safety even only while shutting or opening the door.

3. Walkin baths also feature a built-in seat that may be customizable. This minimizes the need to sit on the floor so you
don’t have to gather up all your energy to be able to stand back up again. With the built-in seat and non-slip surfaces,
bathers can easily sit down and stand up with the least risk of slipping, getting outbalanced or falling.

The walk in bathtub is remarkable for the relaxation, comfort, safety and protection it provides. It offers a lot of benefits
to the whole family, most especially the elderly, the immobile, and the injured.

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