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Handicap Bathtub Access: The Benefits of Walk-In Tubs Accessibility

Limited mobility and chronic conditions that cause handicaps can make life difficult especially when it comes to bathing independently. Without handicap bathtub access, independence in this respect can be nearly impossible and that is not only frustrating but also can be embarrassing. Learn about how the accessibility of walk-in tubs can give handicapped individuals back some of their independence and create a bathing experience that is safe, comfortable, and luxurious every time.

What is a Handicap Bathtub?

Many individuals are confined to wheelchairs, crutches, or other assistive devices that cause entering and exiting the bathtub to become extremely dangerous. Stepping over the wall of the bathtub to get in or out is impossible for these people without help. A handicap bathtub uses strategically placed assistive parts to provide safe and easy handicap bathtub access for handicapped individuals.

  • A wheelchair accessible walk-in tub has a door placed at the level of the seat so the individual can slide from wheelchair to bathtub seat without assistance.
  • Grab bars give the user leverage and customizable safety so that even if they’re mobility is limited, they can still grip the bar to lift themselves into the tub alone.
  • Faucets and other controls are located close to the molded seat and the individual can operate the bathtub without bending dangerously or leaning uncomfortably.
  • Walk-in tub models with special elevated panels help individuals with severely limited mobility attain handicap bathtub access and bathe independently.

Therapeutic Features

Like many other walk-in tub models, a handicap bathtub has options for unique therapies that help soothe aches and pains and may alleviate chronic conditions. Massage with water and air jets can improve everything from sore muscles to high blood pressure and all kinds of other conditions. The jets and air bubbles give the user gentle massage as well as a heavier pressure jets to work on chronic conditions that may affect the individual every day. A bath at the end of the day can melt away more than stress and give an incredible improvement to quality of life for handicapped individuals. Using the same muscles all day to push the wheels of a chair, get around on crutches, or operate other assistive devices can cause a lot of pain and sore or tight muscles. Air and water jets give the individual some relief from these chronic issues.


Improve Quality of Life with Safety and Comfort

A handicap bathtub offers many options for those who have to deal with limited mobility or other difficulties due to a handicap. The walk-in tub offers independence along with safety and comfort so handicapped individuals can keep their dignity while bathing without assistance. Learn more about all the options with a visit to Independent Home for a conversation with a friendly and knowledgeable customer service representative. Call or go to the website for a live chat today and find out if a walk-in tub is the best option for your home today!

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