Handicap Walk In Showers – Comfort & Accessibility to All

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Handicap Walk In Showers – Offering Comfort and Accessibility to All Users

Handicap walk in showers are sometimes simply the easiest way to bathe for handicapped people.  Of course, some showers are still difficult for a handicap individual to access.  Handicap walk in showers are not only easy to use for handicap individuals, but they are also convenient for others using the shower as well.

What Makes Handicap Walk In Showers So Accessible?

No Lip Entry – While most shower stalls have a lip that is very difficult for a walker or wheelchair to maneuver over, handicap accessible showers have no lip.  This means you can glide right into the shower with little effort and less risk of injury.

No Slip Floors – A normal shower can have slippery floors that become even more dangerous for handicap individuals using walkers or wheelchairs.  Our handicap accessible showers have a no slip coating to help you grip the floors as you maneuver in the shower.

Shower Safety Seat – A shower safety seat gives you a comfortable place to sit if you don’t want your wheelchair or walker getting wet.  It is convenient to the shower wand and easy to get in and out of.

Shower Wand – With a shower wand you can comfortably shower your whole body with comfort and ease while sitting or standing in the shower.

Grab Bars – Grab bars are conveniently placed so that you can easily gain balance while sitting or standing in the shower.

Accessible For Everyone – If you live in a household with handicap and non-handicap members, this is a great, versatile, option that everyone can enjoy comfortably.  It is safe and accessible for the whole family.

If you are looking for an ADA approved handicap walk in shower, look no further than the Freedom Shower from Independent Home.  We offer several great handicap accessible bathing options.  Call today for more information!

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