How a Walk-In Tub Could Help You Sleep Better

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How a Walk-In Tub Could Help You Sleep Better

How a Walk-In Tub Could Help You Sleep Better

A soothing soak in an at-home spa or walk-in tub may ease muscle and joint pain (and it will), but that same soak has the added benefit of helping you get a good night’s sleep. More than 132 million people suffer from some type of sleeping disorder, according to the National Sleep Foundation, and these disorders range from mild and chronic insomnia, snoring, and periods of time when breathing stops. And some form of insomnia affects nearly half of us at least one night a week. And insomnia, according to one study, is the second-leading reason why people go to their doctor (pain being the first reason).

So what causes insomnia and why can a soak help you sleep better? Stress, mostly, according to sleep researchers, and our hectic, always-connected lifestyles. Unplug yourself from technology, and you should notice some improvements in your sleep patterns, but it’s stress that’s most responsible for why we don’t sleep well at night. And without good, solid sleep (at least six hours a night, for most of us), you will soon experience grogginess, lapses in memory, depression, and erratic mood swings. The fight you had earlier this week with someone? Could be because you aren’t getting enough sleep at night.

Spend at least 15 minutes in your walk-in tub about 90 minutes before you want to go to sleep, and you may find falling asleep easier. Your internal body temperature will decrease, which will help you enter a sleep state more easily.

The heat inherent in a soak will also help your body create and release endorphins (which, simply, can help you feel better). Endorphins will not only help you feel better but can also help you sleep. The buoyancy of soaking in a tub will also help you reduce and relieve the normal stresses of a day. Your body will relax, because it will feel weightless, and you do not work as hard in water as you would out of water. Not that you are always working, but the work of living – breathing, moving, being – is easier when you are weightless.

Hydrotherapy (which is the term used to describe soaking in water), has been found to also stimulate your immune system, increase your metabolism, and help you recharge. Soak a while and see how more energized you feel.

There are other benefits to having a walk-in tub in your home. With more than 11 million senior citizens slipping and falling each year – usually in the bathroom, and usually while trying to get into a standard bathtub – a walk-in tub can help you or someone you love avoid the complications and injuries associated with such a fall.

Whether you are trying to help someone you love live more independently, or if you’re looking for a natural way to help you sleep, a walk-in tub or home spa can help. It’s no longer a luxury; affordable options are available. There is no reason for sleepless nights. Find the at-home option that works for you, and see how easily those sheep come and go in the middle of the night. No more counting. Soak then sleep. Nothing could be easier.

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