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How Much Do You Have to Pay for a Walk In Bathtub?

Walk in bathtubs today are the most popular tubs. They are touted as elderly bathtubs, handicap tubs or simply safety tubs because they offer the ultimate bathtub safety, thanks to its unique design and features. Walk in tubs have swinging doors for convenient and safe entry and exit, features built-in seats and non-slip surfaces, and may optionally have air massage and hydrotherapy jets for added health benefits.

While walk in tubs are great to have, one of the most important considerations that homeowners might have to consider before remodelling their bathrooms is the price. Walk in tub prices are generally not cheap, but if one considers the advantages, it is easy to see how they’re worth spending on. But how much really do you have to pay to have a walkin bathtub at home?

Generally, walk in tub prices can range from $1,500 to $8,000. The off the shelf price would generally depend on where you are purchasing the tub from. Prices will vary greatly if you were to buy from a local retailer, a reseller, a third party dealer or the manufacturer. It can also differ depending on exactly the kind of tub you are buying. You can purchase a regular soaker tub with door for as low as $1,500 to $2,500 and enjoy the convenience of having it shipped directly to your home.

You would surely know that added optional features can multiply these costs by a few numbers. For instance, a walk in tub with hydrotherapy system goes for at least $5,000 or even more. Aromatherapy systems, air bubbles, chromotherapy lights – these are also great to have in your new tub – but prepare to shell out a couples of thousands of dollars more. Getting additional fixtures and plumbing will raise these figures even higher.

The price of the walkin bath may also differ depending on your particular material, model, or colour of choice. The brand name, the size, the location of the store or outlet can make the cost fluctuate as well.

Now, remember that the cost of walkin bathtubs do not stop when you’ve already taken one home. You will also need to worry about walk in tub installation, which can also become a significant figure depending on who does the installation. If you choose to install one yourself, the cost would surely be lower – but note that if something goes wrong, you might end up actually paying more. As for installation, the prices can vary depending on the type of services you need – whether the electric wirings have to be moved, tile work has to be done, doors need to be widened, system installations, new floorings, and so on.

Hopefully by now you already have an idea on the figures needed when getting a walk in tub installed in your home. If you don’t mind paying these amounts, then there is one thing for sure – your investment is surely worth the comfort, safety and protection that a safety bathtub can offer your loved ones – and these are way more than what money can buy.


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