How to Give Yourself an Affordable Home-Spa Experience

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How to Give Yourself an Affordable Home-Spa Experience

How to Give Yourself an Affordable Home-Spa Experience

Want to convert your current shower or tub into a home-spa experience? You can, and it won’t even cost you an arm and a leg. Several contractors and companies across the country make converting your existing bathroom into a home-spa, but only one customizes its services to meet your needs.

Meet Independent Home. Helping you, an aging adult, or someone with mobility impairments live independently is the name of their game. And don’t just think you’re going to get a cookie-cutter solution to your individual problem. You and your needs are front and center in any work they help you do or get done for you.

Independent Home offers six types of walk-in tubs – customizable to fit your needs – and with dealers around the country, you won’t have to travel far to find the perfect tub for you.

  • The Celebrity is an easy way to convert you existing shower stall or bathtub into a luxury experience. And if you want, you can add-on an 18-jet warm-air massage system. This therapeutic feature is a nice way to relax after a long day at work. And experts agree that this type of hydrotherapy can help relieve any tension and joint pain you’re experiencing.
  • The Access walk-in model is an option if someone using it is in a wheelchair. No need to get out of the chair and try to walk into anything; there is a seat that is level with most standard wheelchairs, so all someone has to do is slide into the tub, turn on the water, and enjoy independent bathing.
  • The Imperial is designed for someone who wants or needs extra room to bathe. With a door width of more than 25 inches, this tub is perfect for someone who weighs up to 500 pounds, or who wants the extra room for a more comfortable bathing experience.
  • The Pearl is the best choice if you need to convert your existing shower stall into a walk-in tub. A side door makes getting in and out of the tub easier, and the optional 12-air whirlpool jets can turn your bathing experience into a luxury experience.
  • The Royal is a walk-in tub that is more tub than shower. A door (that closes) lets you enter the tub, and a powered-control seat will lower someone into the tub and raise them out of the tub.
  • The Freedom Mobility shower takes the tub out of walk- in tub and converts your existing shower into a spacious space in which someone can safely bathe.

More than 10 years after first offering walk-in tubs to aging adults, adults with mobility impairments, or anyone looking for a home-spa experience, Independent Home can answer any questions you have, help you decide the best option for your situation, and point you in the direction of a dealer near you.

For more information, call Independent Home at 800-373-4322.

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