How to Shop for a Walk In Bathtub and Get the Best Price

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How to Shop for a Walk In Bathtub and Get the Best Price

How to Shop for a Walk In Bathtub and Get the Best Price

Are you eager to finally buy that walk in tub yet you put it off for many reasons? While putting off the purchase, you might be missing out on great chances for big savings. Timing your purchase is crucial if you want to enjoy huge discounts with your tub purchase. Think of clearance sales, off-season discounts, end of the year sales, and manufacturer discounts – there are simply many deals NOT to miss. Additionally, there are many great benefits to a walk-in tub!

Now, if you have finally decided and are looking at end of the year sales, then this time might be a good time for bargain deals. Where then can you find cheap prices for elderly bathtubs? Here are a few suggestions you might want to look into:

Look for discount home improvement stores in your area

Many appliance and home improvement specialty stores sell discontinued models and display items at drastically reduced prices. These items are new and unused, although floor models may have scratches here and there that don’t compromise functionality.

Look for so-called “dent and scratch sales”

Many appliance and specialty stores sell tubs with cosmetic damage at a fraction of the full price. These cosmetic imperfections may vary from small scratches to big dents, and the discounts correspond to the extent of the damage. Of course, make sure that the dents and the scratches don’t hamper with functionality.

Buy a walk-in bathtub online

If you search through the Internet, you will find that online-based retailers and distributors offer more attractive discounts. Their prices are almost always better than the suggested retail price and the prices of tubs in brick-and-mortar stores. Since the online market is very competitive, you will find many companies giving offers like free shipping and even reasonable installation fees. Shopping online for step-in tubs is also very convenient. As long as you only transact with reputable stores, your very own tub with door will now be on its way after just a few clicks.

Remember though that when you buy discounted “big ticket” items like walkin bath tubs, sales might be final. Be sure to insist on a full warranty or any form of guarantee to ensure that you are not at the losing end of the deal. Make sure to have the return policy in black and white and keep a copy.

But when is it really the best time to buy this special tub at greatly reduced prices? If you are buying for an elderly or a handicapped, waiting out for the next big sale may not be a good idea. Remember that these safety bathtubs minimize accidents and slippage that your loved one is at risk of every time they bathe. So in cases like these, there is no better time than now to invest in safety and protection.

On the other hand, if you wish to buy a walk in tub for luxury and comfort when bathing, then waiting out for the next big sale on your local store or watching out for online end of the year shopping discounts might be worthwhile.

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