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Walk in tubs with hydrotherapy and air massage systems are built with pain management in mind. As such, many of the folks that come to us speak about their need to manage pain, a medical condition, or symptoms that are ailing them. The benefits of hydrotherapy are widely accepted as a method to cope, by using water. We’ve provided a bit of background on the school of thought behind hydrotherapy walk in tubs.

Hydrotherapy has been used for thousands of years to help people feel better. Putting together three of nature’s most powerful relieving agents: heat, water, and air, it invigorates and gently massages the body while easing away aches and pains.

Three basic factors comprise hydrotherapy: Heat, Buoyancy, and Massage:

  • Heat from the warm water increases blood flow producing a healing effect on sore or damaged tissue and relaxes tired muscles and joints. Immersion in hot water causes the blood vessels to dilate, resulting in increased circulation, including circulation of the immune system’s white blood cells. This helps to open airways and help white blood cells circulate to the affected areas promoting healing.
  • Buoyancy of the water reduces body weight by approximately 90% while you enjoy your deep soak, relieving pressure on joints and muscles, while creating the relaxing sensation of floating in space. It abolishes gravity, allowing the body to float amplifying the power in the muscles.
  • Massage is the secret to effective hydrotherapy. This energized warm-water stream relaxes tight muscles and stimulates the release of endorphins. An Independent Home jet driven massage gently eases tension directly out of your muscles groups to relieve soreness from your back, hips and legs

Hydro-Jet Therapy – Walk In Tubs

Variable speed hydro-jets to liven and exhilarate the body. They surround your body with a continual massage proving a greater range of motion and increased circulation. They reduce aches and pains as well as provide you with luxurious and independent bathing.

Air-Jet Therapy

A variable speed, fully adjustable and relaxing spa system with built-in massaging air Jets designed to help the body release tension and improve circulation.

Hydrotherapy Walk In Tub Review

Mrs. Stevens battles fibromyalgia and back pain with her walk-in tub

“I’d been thinking about a walk-in tub & after some reviews decided on Independent Home. I could not be happier with my decision. I’m 73 with fibromyalgia, restless leg syndrome, lymphoma cancer history & back pain due to advanced degenerative facet arthrosis, (simply spine arthritis). I also have some vision problems which causes balance problems so safety is a major issue for me. I’ve had my spa tub about a month & look forward to using it every day. The installation was completed in one long day which amazed me. The guys were very professional, personable & took great care in protecting my wood floors.They had to move some furniture to create a work path & returned my furniture & cleaned up everything on completion of the job.

It was obvious they had done this many times & I am so very satisfied with the results. The tub has 8 water jets & 30 three speed air jets , chromatherapy & aromatherapy. All the controls are easily accessible & easy to operate. I love the quiet motor & the self cleaning system. The controlled water temperature allows me to be able to enjoy staying in the tub for an extended period of time without the water getting cold. The system turns itself off after 20 minutes as a safety feature, but can be easily restarted for another 20 minutes which I usually do since my best pain relief comes in about 30 minutes of use. Actually there is nothing about my spa tub that I don’t like & I would highly recommend it to anyone.”

Walk In Tub Hydrotherapy Tubs Help

Schedule of Suggested Treatments

Frequency – Every Other Day
Ailments Duration of Bath Minutes Water Temp. F*
Arthritis 20 94-98
High Blood Pressure 15-20 94-98
Lumbago 20-25 98-100
Mental Depression 20 94-98
Poor Blood Pressure 20-25 94-98
Rheumatism 20-25 94-98
‘Run-down’ Condition 15-20 94-98
Sciatica 20-25 94-98
Strains & Sprains 20-25 98-100
Varicose Veins 20-25 94-98
Knee and Joint Pain 20-25 94-98

On-Site Assessment – Hydrotherapy Walk In Tubs

Hydrotherapy walk in tubs are great for a variety of physical ailments, for the elderly and those with disabilities. Our hydrotherapy soaking tubs provide a soothing and safe bathing experience. They are the highest quality and all built in the USA. If you’re been considering a hydrotherapy walk in bathtub, give us a call and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions about hydrotherapy walk in tubs.Call 800-373-4322.

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