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Hydrotherapy Tubs

Hydrotherapy tubs are great for a variety of physical ailments, for the elderly and those with disabilities. Our hydrotherapy soaking tubs provide a soothing and safe bathing experience. They are the highest quality and all built in the USA. If you’re been considering a hydrotherapy bathtub, give us a call and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions about hydrotherapy, no pressure. Call 800-373-4322.

Hydro-Jet Therapy

Variable speed Hydro-jets to liven and exhilarate the body. They surround your body with a continual massage proving a greater range of motion and increased circulation. They reduce aches and pains as well as provide you with luxurious and independent bathing.

Air-Jet Therapy

A Variable Speed, fully adjustable and relaxing spa system with built-in massaging Air Jets designed to help the body release tension and improve circulation.

Hydrotherapy Tubs Help:

Schedule of Suggested Treatments

Frequency – Every Other Day
Ailments Duration of Bath Minutes Water Temp. F*
Arthritis 20 94-98
High Blood Pressure 15-20 94-98
Lumbago 20-25 98-100
Mental Depression 20 94-98
Poor Blood Pressure 20-25 94-98
Rheumatism 20-25 94-98
‘Run-down’ Condition 15-20 94-98
Sciatica 20-25 94-98
Strains & Sprains 20-25 98-100
Varicose Veins 20-25 94-98
Knee and Joint Pain 20-25 94-98

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