Important Factors to Consider When Buying a Walk-in Bathtub

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Important Factors to Consider When Buying a Walk-in Bathtub

Important Factors to Consider When Buying a Walk-in Bathtub

Walk-in Bathtubs are becoming less of a luxury item and more of a standard of living for the elderly and disabled. They are much like ordinary bathtubs, but offer more safety and comfort features, including a convenient door and a toilet seat, among others. They have become popular because they are particularly useful for the elderly, the handicapped and those with mobility problems. Walk-in tubs assure the safety and protection of these individuals, and any user for that matter.

There are many walkin bathtub models out in the market today. Those who would like to get one will surely find it difficult to choose a particular brand or model without outside help. Here we suggest some important factors to consider before buying a walk-in bathtub for your home:

The Price of the Walk In Bathtub

Walk-in bathtubs can range from as low as $1,500 to as high as $8,000 depending on the brand, the material, the features, the technology, among many other factors. A price of $5,000 should have sufficient safety features including non-slip flooring, shower bench or seat and safety railings.

How the Tub Door Opens

Walk-in bathtubs have doors that can open inward or outward. Inward-opening doors need less space and offer better protection from leaks. But they would require water to be drained first before a user can step out. Outward-opening doors require more space and are more prone to leaking, but are convenient for emergency situations where the user can simply push it open to move out.

The Size and Step-in Height

Walk-in tubs come in a wide range of sizes to suit every need. Make sure to consider the size of your existing bathroom and the size of the user when choosing a particular model. Moreover, you also need to consider the step-in height, which is the small lip a user must have to step-over to fully enter the tub. A low step-in height (or even a level-type) is best for users with mobility issues.

Walk In Bathtub Certification

Bathtubs, as with other home appliances, have certain safety standards to be followed. In the USA and Canada, certifications include the CSA/UL, the American Standards Association and the ANSI (American National Standards Institute). Good quality tubs must have certifications as proof of their compliance to rules and regulations.

Walk in Tub Installation

A walk-in bathtub is installed just like any other ordinary bath tub. You can do the installation yourself with some help, or hire a plumber to do it for you. It is of course best to have it done by an experienced professional to ensure no damage or additional expenses. Some companies and brands provide free installation services, which will be advantageous on your part.

Time Needed to Fill and Drain

When using a walk-in tub, you will have to sit and wait for the bath to fill and drain. It is then very important that the filling and draining time is as short as possible. Make sure to ask the approximate fill and drain time before deciding on a particular model to choose.

Optional Walk In Bathtub Features

Certain high-technology features are available in many walk-in bathtubs. For instance, you can choose one with a warm air or hydro massage system for that luxury bathing experience. Of course, these optional features come with a higher price tag.

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