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Walk In Tubs are Important for Seniors in Tucson, AZ

We’ve all seen the old commercials for Walk In Tubs on late night television.  Clunky, square, old behemoths that take forever to fill and drain and are basically just a big box with a door.  Not anymore. Homeowners in Tucson, AZ now have a new, safe and luxurious way to bathe in safety and comfort.  Walk In Tubs from Independent Home are just the answer for the elderly, the disabled and those with nagging injuries or persistent pain problems. But just why should you look into a Walk In Tub?

  • POWER SPEED DRAIN – A power speed drain comes standard with all models and will pneumatically drain the tub within 60-90 seconds so you won’t be cold during drain-down.
  • HYDROTHERAPY – Powerful water jets massage your tissues deep down, surrounding your body and rejuvenating muscles and increasing circulation, reducing aches and pains and with variable speed controls.
  • AROMATHERAPY – This feature, placed in line within the air jets, provides healing scents and produces mental well-being.
  • IN-LINE HEATER – The special in-line heater maintains a consistent water temperature so you won’t ever get cold!

Don’t let the old style of Walk In Tubs turn you away from the best, new Walk In Tubs now available to homeowners in Tucson, Arizona. All Independent Home Walk In Tubs are hand crafted by trained technicians who work to the highest standards and all tubs undergo rigorous testing and quality assurance guidelines. Walk In Tubs offer a safety-first option for Tucson, AZ homeowners who desire independence, the ability to stay at home with dignity and the option to choose from 10-plus models. Why not take advantage of a no nonsense LIFETIME WARRANTY (with full-coverage on door seal and frame) and have your Walk In Tub installed by a team with years of experience?

To learn more about a Walk In Tub for your Tucson, AZ home contact your local Independent Home specialist today! Call 480-559-8606.

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