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Illinois Residents Discover the Safety and Comfort Offered by Walk In Tubs

Every year of thousands of Americans visit the hospital as a result of injuries suffered in the bathroom. A significant amount of accidents happen while bathing and showering. The culprit is often slippery floors and hard surfaces. These hazards are even more threatening to the elderly and people with limited mobility. Fortunately, Independent Home Walk In Tubs cater to those Illinois residents who struggle to get in and out of conventional bathtubs or stand continuously in the shower. With low points of entry, air tight doors and comfortable seating, walk in tubs provide a safe and comfortable bathing solution.

Walk in tubs don’t sacrifice luxury in the pursuit of safety-first. Pain relief can be managed with these beneficial features:

  • Hydrotherapy — Water jets offer deep tissue massages to help with poor circulation, stiffness, arthritis, plus typical aches and pains.
  • Air jet therapy — Microbubbles gently massage and exfoliate the skin while releasing tension.
  • Aromatherapy — Soothing scents released by the air jets facilitate healing and mental well-being.

Customized to an individual’s needs and specifications. Independent Home offers over 10 different models to match bathers of every weight, height and limitation. Bariatric versions can accommodate users up to 500lbs, while wheelchair accessible walk-in tubs include an outward swinging door for easy transfer in and out from a seated position.

The process is fast and comprehensive. An experienced specialist is ready to conduct a free bathroom assessment at your Illinois home. Once measurements are taken and the right walk in tub is selected, a local team of installers can typically complete the project in as little as a day.

A safe and luxurious bathing experience is only a phone call away for Illinois residents. Get in touch now to schedule an in-home evaluation at no cost. Stop worrying and start relaxing in the comfort of your safe and luxurious Independent Home walk in tub today!

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