Missouri Walk In Tubs

Luxurious and Therapeutic Walk in Tubs for Missouri Residents

Missouri residents can now get their hands on a luxurious Walk In Tub from Independent Home. These quality tubs are manufactured to the highest standards and come equipped with the latest safety features. In turn, this allows senior citizens and people with limited mobility access to all the comforts delivered by walk in tubs. Consider these affordable options:

  • Hydrotherapy – Feel your aches and pains melt away while receiving a deep tissue massage from the water jets.
  • Chromotherapy – Dim the overheads and let the walk in tub mood lighting create a peaceful and calming effect.
  • Air Jet Therapy – Relax as microbubbles gently massage and exfoliate your skin.
  • Designer Faucets – All walk in tubs include the choice of brass or chrome high end fixtures.

Hydrotherapy helps manage other health issues as well, including: joint pain, muscle stiffness, arthritis, poor circulation, diabetes, high blood pressure, depression and even sleep apnea.

Safety First. Independent Home Walk In Tubs feature important design elements that make them more accessible, more secure and significantly safer than conventional bathtubs in Missouri.

  • Low Threshold Entry – A low tub edge requires a less dramatic step when entering or exiting.
  • ADA Compliant Seat – Sitting upright is a safer bathing position than standing or lying down.
  • Safety Grab Bars – Sturdy handles provide greater control and increase stability.
  • Anti-Slip Floors – Sound footing combats the risks of slipping and falling.

Independent Home Walk In Tubs meet at the intersection of safety and luxury. These high quality walk in tubs not only minimize risk to injury, but manage many ailments the elderly and those with limited mobility endure. We don’t sacrifice form for function though, because each tub comes with a host of luxury amenities. Call now to set up a free appointment at your Missouri home and let a qualified representative answer your questions in person. Live in the lap of luxury with walk-in tub! If your in the Kansas City Area, please call our local dealer.

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