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Whether you have recently become limited in your mobility due to recent surgery, or are a senior citizen with worries and concerns about slipping and falling in your bathtub, Independent Home Walk In Tubs are your #1 choice for safe bathing in your Albuquerque, NM home. With over 10 sizes and models to choose from, we will evaluate your specific needs, your existing bathroom layout and recommend the best possible solution for your walk in tub.

Independent Home Walk In Tubs have been custom manufacturing our products since 2007 and have the highest-grade, most affordable walk in tub available for Albuquerque, New Mexico homeowners. Each of our walk in tubs is hand-crafted, rigorously tested and quality assured with a lifetime warranty.

Consider this:

  • Our ADA Compliant Seat helps assure your safety while you bathe, rather than lying down or standing up in a conventional bath or shower.
  • Our walk in tubs include a Low Threshold Entry of about 4 inches so you can easily walk in and out without worrying about slipping or falling.
  • Our In-Line Heater maintains water temperature.
  • Our Hydrotherapy System with variable speed controls helps reduce your aches and pains as the water surrounds your body.
  • Our Power Speed Drain empties your walk in tub in 60 – 90 seconds with our pneumatic push button control.  You won’t get cold waiting for the water to drain.
  • Our Air Jets with variable speed controls gently massage your body and help to release tension.

Contact us today in Albuquerque, NM to learn more about our products, request a brochure, or simply schedule a no-pressure evaluation for your walk in tub.  Our experts are ready for your call at 800-373-4322.

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