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Enjoy comfort and safety in your new Walk In Tub, in your home in Milwaukee, WI

Do you find it difficult, and perhaps dangerous, to climb in and out of a regular bathtub? An Independent Home Walk In Tub is the smart and affordable solution for your Milwaukee, Wisconsin home.

Our team takes great pride in offering a large variety of sizes and models of walk in tubs.

  • Wheelchair accessible models have doors that swing out for easier transfers.
  • Bariatric models will comfortably accommodate people up to 500 pounds.
  • Taller walk in tubs are for people over six feet tall to be able to enjoy a deep soak.
  • Narrow models transform a shower stall into a luxurious walk in tub.

Your safety is our number one priority. While each tub is designed to fit the individual needs of our customers, Independent Home Walk In Tubs all have standard safety features, such as a non-slip floor, safety handles, an air-tight door seal and a comfortable seat.

Independent Home Walk In Tubs give you the freedom to live comfortably in your own home in Milwaukee, WI. Walk in tubs also provide numerous health benefits!

  • Hydrotherapy helps benefit issues like high blood pressure, poor circulation, arthritis, rheumatism, joint pain, sciatica, muscle aches and stiffness, strains and sprains, sleep apnea and varicose veins.
  • Air jet therapy microbubbles provide a gentle tissue massage, exfoliate skin and release tension.

Trusted installation specialists will provide you with a free assessment in your Milwaukee, WI home. Installation of your walk in tub can typically be completed in just one day!

Contact us to learn about financing, request a brochure or schedule your appointment for a free assessment. We look forward to helping you!

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