No Lip Showers Finding Their Way into Euro Homes, US hotels

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No Lip Showers are Finding Their Way into European Homes, US hotels, and can be Part of Your Home Too!

No Lip Showers are Finding Their Way into European Homes, US hotels, and can be Part of Your Home Too!

If a no-lip shower sounds to you like something out of a futuristic movie, then you’re missing out on one of the simplest and possibly most elegant shower innovations that has taken many hotels the world by storm. Showers in general are very simple affairs for people. Often times, these are the often overlooked and ungainly tub and shower combinations that give you the option to sit, soak, or stand when indulging in a bath.

However, the average shower can become a cumbersome chore for those with limited mobility. People take for granted the ease with which they navigate their bath time accoutrement—never realizing that, for those in their families with limited mobility, even taking a shower can be a highly inconvenient and difficult activity. To that end, many in Europe and the United States have adopted the no-lip showers that are wide and spacious enough for those of limited mobility to roll a wheelchair into.

What makes it special?

There’s no real trick to making a shower more mobility friendly. At its core, it’s simply a partitioning of a wider area in your bathroom where the entrance is wide and unimpeded by a raised dais. Often, a simple bump is placed in its stead in order to prevent the spread of water all over the place during a bath. The entrance way to this area is wider than most—often wide enough to allow a wheelchair to just roll in.

No lip showers are not just for those of restricted mobility. The concept beautifully extends to cover those in your family who are elderly, as a shower chair can be easily placed inside to allow them to sit and relax their weary bodies while enjoying a bath themselves. Make sure to secure the chair so it doesn’t move while someone is taking a bath.

In a certain sense, you too can benefit from the arrangement, even if you’re not mobility challenged. With the proper application of rough braking strips on the floors, a no-lip shower arrangement can also be a safer affair.

Is it worth investing in?

The primary reason for investing will lie in whether or not there are those in your family who would greatly benefit from the change in showering arrangements. Because among the options out there, a no-lip shower is one of the few—if not the only—options that are beneficial to a vast demographic. It certainly is far more affordable than other installations, and the maintenance is far easier than most other setups. Even better is its openness to a great number of decorative options.

Whether you go with colorful, elegant tiling, or even something leaning more on the modern, you can really spruce up the look of your bath area with a little imagination and a smaller investment. Of course, if what you want to go for is safety, there are also great options for that, including sturdy handrails, safety strips for the floors to combat slippage, and even more secure chairs for stability. The sky’s the limit when it comes to building your perfect, everyone-friendly no-lip shower.

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