No Lip Walk In Showers- Safe & Accessible for the Family

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No Lip Showers That Work for the Whole Family

No Lip Showers That Work for the Whole Family

You don’t have to be disabled or suffer from mobility issues to enjoy the benefits that a no lip shower can offer. This addition to your bathroom (or bathrooms!) can make the bathing experience safer and more enjoyable for everyone in the family, no matter their mobility status. Consider this addition for the comfort of each person in the home and find out how easy it is to make the switch.

What is a No Lip Shower?
Look at the shower that is currently in any classic bathroom and you’ll see the small lip or ledge at the bottom that comes up usually a couple of inches. This is the “lip” of the shower and anyone who uses it has to step over that lip when entering or exiting the shower. A no lip shower eliminates that part so that there is nothing impeding the user from getting in or out of the shower. There’s less of a chance of tripping and falling and, for anyone who does happen to have mobility issues like crutches, wheelchair or other assistance devices, showering becomes an independent activity.

How is it Safer for Everyone?
A no lip shower often comes with features that not only add to the comfort of everyone in your home but also to their safety.

  • A molded seat built into the shower makes it easy for anyone to shower without having to stand. The user can sit down after a long day and enjoy a shower no matter how tired or weary they are. Children who are just learning about showering independently can sit so that they and their parents don’t have to worry about them running around in the shower.
  • A non slip floor makes the shower safer all around. The users, be they children, elderly, or young adults, can walk into the shower without fear of slipping and falling.
  • A designer shower head can pivot or move so that the user doesn’t have to twist and turn to reach the water no matter where they stand.

These features make the no lip shower a good choice for everyone in your home but also for those with mobility issues. An elderly person or someone having trouble standing can enjoy a shower instead of a bath without worrying about their safety.

Enjoy the Best Quality
A bathtub, walk in or not, may not be the best choice for your home and you still want to ensure the safety and comfort of everyone who uses the bathroom. A no lip shower might be the answer that you seek. Lean more about the no lip shower at Independent Home to find out if it’s the right option for your home. You’ll find that this manufacturer takes pride in quality craftsmanship and safety aspects of every product purchased. Call for a quote today and talk to the friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives that are standing by to answer your questions about adding a no lip shower to your home and how it will benefit everyone in your family, no matter their mobility status.

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