Optional Walk In Tub Accessories - What are Your Options?

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Optional Walk In Tub Accessories – What are Your Options?

Optional Walk In Tub Accessories – What are Your Options?

Walk in tubs do not just feature a swinging door for convenient entry, there are still many more you can affix to ensure maximum safety of your loved one with health and mobility problems. Here are some optional walk in tub accessories that can provide fine bathing experience and support to every bather:

Faster Fill and Drain Accessories

As you may already know, unlike traditional bathtubs, walk in bathing requires that the bather be in the tub before it is filled and drained. The wait can take a while, and most manufacturers of these elderly tubs do not provide information as to how long the wait will be. Fortunately, they do provide valves and drainage systems that deliver rapid flow. By rapid, we mean more than 20 gallons of water per minute, and drainage within 3 minutes or less!

Protection from Scalding and Shock

Aside from slippage, shock due to cold water or scalding is also frequent sources of injury in the bathroom. To avoid this, there are available Thermostatic Mixing Valves that have been designed to limit and maintain the appropriate blending of hot and cold water to a set temperature. This ensures maximum comfort of the bather and avoids temperatures that may be too hot or too cold. These mixing valves can be pre-set to provide maximum health benefits for walk-in tubs with hydrotherapy jets.

Grab and Stabilization Bars

Walk in bathtubs can be made even safer with the installation of stabilization or grab bars. When installing these grab bars, it is important that they be positioned in strategic positions that best fits the needs of the bather. Grab bars are usually positioned not only at the door area and at the sides of the tub, but around the bathroom area as well.

Shower Curtain Rack

To provide the bather the ultimate privacy, a shower curtain rack that works well with the size of the tub can be installed. These curtain racks do not only ensure privacy, but they actually offer optimal safety. Remember that any feature in the bathroom that leads one to get distracted from stabilizing themselves can lead to unwanted accidents. These distractions can be well minimized by shower curtains fixed through tracks or rods.

Warm Air Massage or Hydrotherapy Systems

When buying a tub with door, you can also opt to purchase air massage or hydrotherapy systems that consist of therapeutic air bubble jets placed all throughout the tub. These jets release air bubbles through jet swirling action that can ease a bather’s tired body. This is especially useful for elderly or the handicapped who suffer from pains and discomfort. The warm air system allows a gentle yet effective massaging motion that can stimulate the muscles and improve blood circulation. These hydrotherapy systems can relax you physically and mentally as well.

Maximize the protection and comfort of your loved ones by ensuring that your walk in tub has all the important accessories available. These optional accessories can mean additional expenditures, but the added safety and convenient they bring are well worth the investment.

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