Original Walk In Bathtub Cleaning Tips Guide

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Original Walk In Bathtub Cleaning Tips Guide

Original Walk In Bathtub Cleaning Tips Guide

Now that you have already given your walk in tub a very warm welcome and you actually have experienced the joy, comfort and safety it offers, you are off to the next step. How exactly do you clean and care for your walk in bathtub to ensure that it lasts for a very long time? Walk-in tubs are actually not high-maintenance, but it would depend on your material of choice, the nature of use, the kind of water you used and how keen you are at maintenance.

First of all, the kind of water you have running at home has a lot to do with the maintenance your tub needs. If you have hard water, you will have an entirely different set of stains and deposits than if you have soft water. Generally, you would need to use a cleaner that works well to the nature of deposits and stains you have in your tub.

Secondly, the material your tub is made of has a lot to do with how you maintain it. Most step in tubs today is made of either acrylic or fiberglass. Fiberglass walk in tubs are generally cheaper. However, they are generally made of porous and brittle material and the gel coat covering usually dulls and discolours with prolonged use. Fiberglass tubs are generally easy to clean, but maintenance has to be regular and the use of abrasive cleaners has to be minimized.

Acrylic walk in tubs on the other hand, are generally more expensive than fiberglass, but are more durable because of its nonporous nature. Because this material is relatively easy to keep clean, it does not need as much maintenance. It is important to use non-abrasive cleaners with acrylic materials as well, and weekly cleanings are recommended. Use of mild dish soap and water is usually enough for extensive washes.

Walkin bathtubs have doors, so it is important to ensure that the tub is periodically checked for leakage. Many tub manufacturers offer warranty or solutions to the problem, but to ensure that your tub will not leak, check periodically whether your tub door’s double gasket effectively seals the tub in place.

Of course, it is important that you use your tub very well for it to last you years. Clumsy, nonchalant use will not help you make your tub last long. Remember that these tubs are not exactly the cheapest tubs available; keep this in mind every time you soak into all its goodness.

Furthermore, there may be some components in the step in tub that may develop problems over time because of usual wear and tear. Be sure to confirm with your manufacturer whether they offer warranty, how long it lasts and what components are covered in the warranty. Manufacturers usually offer one to five, some even lasting 10 years warranty on certain components in the tub. Warranty on the door seal may even be lifetime in some manufacturers.

Care and cleaning of a walk in tub is not exactly difficult. With regular maintenance and proper use, it should last you and your family a lifetime of happy, safe bathing experience.

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