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Access Walk-In Bathtub

Access Walk-In Bathtub from Independent Home

No need to look any further. This is the only wheelchair accessible walk in bathtub on the market today. This is suitable for any wheelchair bound client who is need of accessing the seat from outside of the tub.

The Mobility Handicapped Model Includes All of The Following Features

  • Easy, Safe, Accessible and Comfortable
  • For people who prefer to slide transfer onto the seat rather than having to step into the tub
  • Replaces and Fits Into the Space of a Standard Existing Bathtub
  • Height of Seat is 21″ From the Ground for Easy Accessibility
  • Right or Left Mounted Doors – Outward Opening Door Specifically
  • Designed For Those Needing Maximum Accessibility
  • Door is 37.5″ Wide (Suggested: Allow 40″ for Full Door Swing)
  • Easy Lever Handle
  • A 7.5″ Aluminum Safety Grab Bar Mounted on Interior of Bathtub
  • Quick Draining System
  • Stainless Steel Leveling Legs Adjust up to 2″ Per Leg
  • Comes in White
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