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Life Walk-In Bathtub

Life Walk-In Bathtub from Independent Home

The Life Walk-In Bathtub is our most popular model. Customers enjoy the benefits of safety and therapeutic relief while bathing at home. Configured with only the highest quality materials and built with precision craftsmanship, the life tub allows for a submerged soak to wash away aches and pains. With a low threshold step in, safety grab rails, and an ADA compliant seat, customers can enjoy bathing again. Fast fill faucets and fast drain systems are a few of the unique benefits. With soft touch air hydrotherapy control and engineered reflexology foot jets, it is no wonder the life tub is a regular choice for those shopping for walk-in tubs.

Life -Tub Standard Features:

  • Low 5” Step in
  • Double door seal
  • Built in safety grab bar
  • User friendly locking handle
  • Reflexology Foot Jets
  • Aroma Therapy Spa Set
  • Fast Fill Roman Faucet set
  • Cable operated 2″ Fast Drain system
  • Extendable Shower head (Shower Capabilities)
  • Soft touch air hydrotherapy control
  • Left or Right hand door configuration
  • Nonskid floor and seat (21 & 25” wide)
  • Air Hydrotherapy self-purge cleaning system
  • Heavy duty stainless steel frame with 6 adjustable legs
  • 18” wide door for easy entrance and exit
  • ADA Compliant 17” Contoured Seat

The Life Walk in Bathtub Comes in These Sizes:

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