Safe Bathing, Easy Maintenance and Relaxing Hydrotherapy

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Safe Bathing, Easy Maintenance and Relaxing Hydrotherapy

Safe Bathing, Easy Maintenance and Relaxing Hydrotherapy

benefi3-300x179Many seniors deal with injuries due to falls in the bathtub or shower. In fact, millions seniors fall each year and most of those falls actually occur in the bathroom. For those dealing with limited mobility, dealing with a traditional bathtub or shower becomes dangerous, resulting in the loss of independence for seniors. However, seniors dealing with mobility issues do have an option that can help big time.

Walk in bath tubs make it easy for seniors to simply walk into the tub. While these tubs do require an investment and some installation, they are well worth the investment since they help give seniors back their independence. The following are just a few of the top benefits these walk in tubs have to offer.

Safe Bathing

One of the main benefits of these walk in tubs is their ability to allow seniors to bath safely. These tubs have a door that makes it easy for seniors to walk right into the tub instead of dealing with the dangerous ledge that comes with traditional bathtubs. These tubs include helpful seats, a skid-resistant floor, grab bars and other helpful features that allow seniors to enjoy safe bathing once again.

Easy Maintenance

Another benefit of walk in bathtubs is the simple maintenance they require. These tubs simply wipe clean and they don’t require a lot of scrubbing like most bathtubs do. Seniors need tubs that require little maintenance and these walk in tubs make maintenance easier than ever.

Relaxing Hydrotherapy

Last, you’ll find that walk in tubs also provide seniors with the benefit of relaxing hydrotherapy. Not only is hydrotherapy relaxing, but it is healing as well. Moving, warm water has healing properties and can help relieve some of the pain that comes with arthritis. This is just one more benefit that seniors can enjoy when they decide to install walk in bath tubs for their bathing needs.

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