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Senior Bathroom Safety Facts

Senior Bathroom Safety Facts

We’ve helped thousands of seniors and others with limited mobility bathe safely and live independently. We do a lot of research about the needs of our aging population and how they can stay in their homes longer. Here are some facts about senior bathroom safety that we’ve found.

  • 10,000-plus Americans are turning 65 years old every day.
  • The Center for Disease Control says 1 out of 3 Americans over the age of 65 will have a fall this year.
  • The bathroom area is where most of these falls occur.
  • Tight spaces, hard floors, wet surfaces and loose mats make bathing a challenge for our aging population.
  • Shower doors can move unexpectedly when getting in and out of a bathtub or shower stall.
  • Medical bills resulting from falls can be extremely expensive.
  • A preventative approach can make a significant difference in a senior’s life.
  • Seniors are moving towards accessible bathroom renovations as a viable alternative to Assisted Living facilities.
  • The installation of grab bars and ADA compliant toilets helps make the bathroom safer to navigate and helps support balance.
  • Walk in tubs have grown in popularity in recent years as an excellent way to bathe safely at home.

If you are a senior or someone with limited mobility who wants to live independently in their home again and bathe safely, contact us to learn more about our walk in tubs. Call 800-373-4322.

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