3 Walk In Bathtub Features & Tips to Keep you Warm in Winter

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Three Walk In Bathtub Features and Tips to Help Keep you Warm in the Winter

Three Walk In Bathtub Features and Tips to Help Keep you Warm in the Winter

There are a good number of people who can enjoy the tremendous benefits that a walk in tub can provide. People who are mobility-challenged, seniors, and even the handicapped – they all can enjoy every benefit that a tub with door can provide.

However, one of the drawbacks of having a swinging door in your bathtub is that a bather will need to be in the tub before the water fills and while the water drains out. This brings about a few minor problems – such as, what if the bather feels chilly during these waiting times? Here are some effective suggestions on how you can stay warm and comfortable in your safety bathtub whenever you are in it.

Choose a model that requires low water volume

While bigger tubs look more luxurious and inviting, they are not, in all actuality, practical in many ways. These bigger tubs require large volumes of water to fill and thus, require longer waiting times. If you want to stay comfortable for longer periods and be assured that you are not using more water than should be, look for a walkin bathtub model that allows low water volume. You will be surprised that even small, space-saving models of step-in bathtubs can well accommodate 6-feet tall or over-300 pound bathers. They are not only very practical and less costly to maintain, they do not require long waiting times to fill and drain.

Invest in rapid fill and drain accessories

Bathtub manufacturers are well aware that long waiting times may make bathers feel uncomfortable – which is why they have optional rapid fill and drain accessories separately available. These accessories can shorten the filling and draining time significantly to 3 minutes or even less (think about speeds of 20 gallons per minute). This way, you stay warm and comfortable; you definitely won’t mind the short wait.

Keep yourself warm with warm towels

To increase comfort, you can also buy warm, plush towels to keep you comfortable as soon as you have finished bathing. It will be a good idea to heat these towels before using them. You can also think about investing in heated towel bars which will make a great addition to your bathroom. They come in a wide range of materials, designs and finishes – ask your local home improvement shop about it today and thank us later!

Walk in tubs offer the ultimate bathroom safety and comfort. Despite one minor drawback, these special tubs touted as elderly bathtubs or handicap tubs are surely well worth having.

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