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Top 7 Reasons To Buy A Walk In Tub

Top 7 Reasons To Buy A Walk In Tub

After meeting thousands of homeowners considering buying a walk in tub, we’ve compiled a Top 7 Reasons to Buy A Walk In Tub list to share with you. If you’ve experienced concerns similar to those on this list, you can trust the pros at Independent Home Walk In Tubs to remedy your situation. We’ve helped thousands of homeowners just like you.

1) “I need hydrotherapy to manage my pain.”

By carefully combining heat, buoyancy and massage, hydrotherapy walk in tubs invigorate and gently massage the body. This eases away aches and pains while helping to manage symptoms associated with arthritis, circulation challenges, fibromyalgia, diabetes and other common health issues. The warm water stream relaxes tight muscles and stimulates the release of endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers.

2) “I can’t bathe any longer.”

We’ve learned that some customers require another person to help them in and out of conventional bathtubs or shower stalls.  When speaking with these folks, we regularly hear the same thing – our customers would much prefer to bathe on their own terms. Walk-in bathtubs give homeowners the ability to bathe safely and comfortably at home.

3) “I’m afraid of falling.”

Many of our customers have daily difficulty navigating the edge of a traditional bathtub. Stepping over a 17-19 inch rim can be challenging the more we age. This is frequently compounded if you’re experiencing mobility limitations.  Walk in tubs have low threshold entries, airtight door seals and ADA compliant seats.

4) “I’m unable to remain in my home.”

This is a tough one. We’re empathetic to our customers who fear being forced from their homes because they can’t live safely on their own with a dangerous bathtub. Thankfully, assisted living facilities aren’t the only option. Walk in tubs are designed with safety in mind and can enable seniors to live out their golden years at home.

5) “I have a loved one I’m worried about.”

Whether you’re concerned about a spouse or are looking out for a parent, walk in tubs can provide the solution. Not surprisingly, many of our customers are adult children who worry about their mom or dad falling while trying to bathe. We’re happy to help so many loving sons and daughters in search of answers to this perplexing dilemma.

6) “I‘m moving back home.”

We often get calls from homeowners returning home after spending time in a rehab facility or sub-acute center. When recovering from a slip, a fall or other serious injury, the last thing our customers want to think about is another accident while trying to bathe. Walk in tubs are crucial to successful transitions.

7) “I want to be happy at home.”

Quality of life is extremely important to our customers. Whether it’s maintaining dignity and independence while bathing or simply the need for peace of mind, walk in tubs can deliver that essential security.

Please contact us with your questions about walk in tubs and schedule a free consultation today! Call 800-373-4322.

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