Tubs for Small Bathrooms – The Cube Walk In Bathtub is Ideal!

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Tubs for Small Bathrooms – The Cube Walk In Bathtub is Ideal for Tight Spaces!

While we all might wish that we had a large luxurious bathroom in our homes, some places only have space for a small bathroom.  When this is the case, you need to maximize every inch of your space.  This becomes even more difficult as you age and require safety additions to make your bathroom work for you.  If you are looking for tubs for small bathrooms, Independent Home offers several walk in tub options perfect for you.

Walk In Tubs To Fit Standard Tub Cavities – If your bathroom is small, but can accommodate a standard sized bathtub you can also accommodate many of our walk in tub models.  Most of our walk in tubs are designed to fit in a standard tub cavity.  This means you can easily replace the old and dangerous standard tub with a brand new walk in tub fairly easily.  Choose a more basic model, or a luxurious spa like bath depending on your preferences.

Compact Walk In Tubs – If you can’t even spare the room for a standard walk in tub, the Cube Model by Independent Home is the ideal tub for you.  This tub is shaped like, well, a cube, and can fit in the space of a shower stall.  This tub has a door on the front of the tub instead of the side.  It comes complete with a shower wand for easy bathing, and packs a lot of features into a compact tub.  It even offer hydrotherapy jets for a spa-like experience!

Finding tubs for small bathrooms may seem like a challenge, but with the help of Independent Home you have options.  Contact our customer service team today for more information on our products and find out which tub will best suit your needs.  We are ready to help you bathe safer in your tiny bathroom!

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