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Walk In Bath Tubs Mean Safety, Security and Better Quality of Life for the Elderly & Senior Citizens

celebrity-large3-300x197Walk in bath tubs can bring a feeling of relief, safety and security to the elderly and senior citizens. Raising the quality of life and increasing independence make us all feel more useful and vital.

Getting older means many things; gained experience, wisdom and knowledge to name a few. But it also means diminished physical capacity in many cases. This can cause us to be less able to do things that others take for granted, like get into a standard bathtub. This is where walk in bath tubs make all the difference.

Besides being convenient and easy to use, walk in tubs also provide a suite of benefits to the elderly. Here are just a few:

  • Safety – The problem with stepping over the rim of a standard tub is tripping or falling. A walk in bathtub removes that problem immediately. Just step in through a swinging door and you’re in.
  • Security – All flooring is designed to be non-slip so slipping or falling is no longer an issue. Bath tub slips are responsible for over 75% of injuries among senior citizens each year.
  • Comfort – Once inside, all walk in bath tubs have a raised seat that is molded into the tub design. Usually, this seat is around the height of a chair. No need to sit at floor level where getting up can be difficult.
  • Independence – Nothing stings worse than not being able to take care of oneself. Walk in tubs bring independence and increased self worth.
  • Quality of life – When we are able to do things on our own, we have a greater quality of life as a result.

Walk in bathtubs are available in a variety of colors and styles to fit your needs. All will fit through a standard doorway and can be professionally installed in a single day.

Walk In Tubs

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