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Walk In Shower vs. Walk In Bath Tubs: Which Is Right For You?

Thinking about remodeling your bathroom and unsure if you want to go with a walk-in tub versus a walk-in shower.

If you go with a walk-in bathtub, you can customize it to include hot water jets or ways in which to better control the temperature while you are using the tub. You can also have custom seats installed so someone who may not be able to stand for lengthy periods of time – or at least long enough to bathe – can still clean themselves.

Of course, the benefit of using a tub is the way in which you can create a home spa experience. Want to soak for a while? Here’s the best way to do it. And you can choose the bells and whistles to add on.

Going with a walk-in shower means you have other options to consider. Do you want a fiberglass shower? Or do you want to use tiles?

The plus side of fiberglass is it is easy to clean and maintain; has a very modern look; and is easy to use. Down side? You may have few options when customizing a walk-in shower for your needs.

Going with tiles means you have endless possibilities in terms of color and design, so if matching the rest of your home’s décor is important to you, then a tiled shower may be the best way to go. Tile will probably cost you more than a fiberglass shower, but depending on what you want, may be your best option.

Your choice may affect your resale value. Depending on the space in which you live, a tub may give you the biggest bang for you buck, at least in terms of tempting a future to pick your home over someone else’s home. A walk-in shower may also be what someone is looking for, but describing the bathing experience as a spa-like experience may be worth its weight in gold.

You’re going to get the benefits of using a hydrotherapy system (for more on hydrotherapy, see other blog posts) whether you go with a walk-in bath tub or with a walk-in shower. Hydrotherapy can help you soothe and muscle or joint aches and pains you have, relax after a stressful day, and help you sleep better at night. The heat, pressure, and buoyancy present in any hydrotherapy system is worth the investment alone, though the benefits for someone living with a mobility impairment or someone who needs a little help living independently are countless.

When deciding between a walk-in shower or a walk-in bath tub, make sure you have a warranty, especially one that covers the door. The door should have a seal that ensures no water leaks when someone is using the tub or shower. Also, does the company you choose have a local installer or contractor? Ask for testimonials or references from local customers. Finally, pick a manufacturer with a solid reputation. They should be willing to back up their produce with ongoing support, because you never know what you may need in the future.

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