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Walk in tub

Walk In Tub

walk in bathtub ; Best walk in tubs

Walk in tub and showers have become the “in” thing in home improvement today. Apparently, these special tubs are the safest and most luxurious tubs today for the modern bathroom. But is this reason enough for you to break your bank and buy one? Well, it is undeniable that walk-in tubs are definitely worth investing for – but let’s make sure you know the right reasons why:


Reason #1: They lower the risk of falls and injuries during bathing


Walk-in bathtubs are equipped with safety features that put the risk of accidents during bathing at the lowest possible level. They have doors that allow easy access to the tub; comfortable safety seats so you don’t have to stand while bathing; a hand-held shower; and non-slip surfaces to minimize the chances of slipping even when the floor area is wet. Walk in tubs have been designed carefully to reduce the chances of falls and slips, which occur too often in the bathroom.


Reason #2: They retain the dignity, independence and self-esteem of the elderly and the infirmed


These special tubs have actually been designed with careful consideration of the needs of people who have mobility problems. We all know that bathing is an arduous task for those who are not as able-bodied as the rest are; not only because it causes a lot of pain and discomfort, but because oftentimes, they will need the help of other people – something that embarrasses them and harms their confidence in themselves. With these tubs, these individuals have a much better choice than have someone bathe them: they can actually bathe on their own, without having to need someone to hoist them over into the tub. It maintains strength and retains their independence, and allows them the satisfaction that there are still things they can do for themselves.


Reason #3: Walk-in tubs can provide numerous health benefits


Many walk-in tubs feature therapeutic hydrotherapy jets that is known to provide a wide range of health benefits. These whirlpool jets can ease pain, soothe away tired and aching muscles, improve blood circulation, reduce pain and swelling caused by arthritis and other joint injuries, improve immunity, and promote an overall healthy body. This hydrotherapy effect is also psychologically helpful as it improves mood, tones down depression and makes them feel generally better.


Reason #4: They provide a very pleasant and luxurious bathing experience


Walk in bathtubs are the most luxurious of tubs available today. They provide a pleasant experience during bathing that individuals who need special care will find themselves actually looking forward to bathing every time. The same is true not only for the elderly or the handicapped, but even for the healthy and able-bodied.

Walk-in bathtubs allow people with disabilities and seniors the chance to lead healthy and independent lives right at the comfort of their very own home. They can help change the overall bathing environment in the bathtub and shower. Choose from a wide selection of choices available today; there is surely one that will fit the needs of your home and your loved ones.

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