Walk In Tubs for the Benefit of Wheelchair Bound Individuals

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Walk In Tubs for the Benefit of Wheelchair Bound Individuals

Walk In Tubs for the Benefit of Wheelchair Bound Individuals

Being bound to a wheelchair can be very tough and not just in the way of mobility. If you aren’t able to move into the bathtub on your own, it can make you feel dependent on others and uncomfortable, to say the least. Fortunately, there are walk in tubs made specifically for wheelchair bound individuals. By adding one of these tubs to your home, a person bound to a wheelchair will be able to bathe comfortably and independently but, most importantly, also safely. Learn about which model is right for you or the wheelchair bound individual in your home.

Learn About Regaining Independence 
You don’t have to rely on others for everything that requires a wheelchair transfer, especially bathing. A walk in tub that accommodates your needs will give you the independence to get comfortable in the tub without assistance.

  • A regular tub, even a walk in tub, usually requires the user to step inside before getting to the seat and sitting down. A wheelchair accessible walk in tub allows the user to slide transfer from wheelchair to seat from outside the tub.
  • Grab bars and other accessories allow for the right safety measures so that the individual getting into the tub can comfortably reach for the bar depending on what they feel is right for them.
  • Getting out of the tub is just as easy as getting in using the same slide to the side maneuver after draining the tub and opening the door.
  • Enjoy controls and spray hoses that are easily accessible from the seat so that you can enjoy your bathing experience even if getting up is not a possibility.
  • Children that are bound to wheelchairs can learn about transferring to the bathtub using the sliding maneuver necessary to get into the tub.

In addition to the safety features of a wheelchair accessible walk in tub, you can also add therapeutic features like hydrotherapy to ease sore muscles at the end of the day. Go from the tough transfer that you used to have to an easy one that makes your bathroom feel like a spa. Regain some independence and rest assured that your safety is not compromised in doing so.

Find the Best Option for Your Needs
A wheelchair accessible walk in tub may be the best thing for you but you may also want to consider a no lip shower. Any wheelchair bound individual can roll their chair right into the shower to the desired position for transfer to the seat and enjoy a comfortable bathing experience that is safe and promotes independence. Independent Home features the only wheelchair accessible walk in tub on the market. It is built with quality material with your safety and comfort in mind. Call for a quote today or talk to the friendly customer service representatives that can help you decide which option best suits your needs. Learn about the wheelchair accessible walk in tub and the no lip shower so that you can make an educated decision about what is right for regaining your independence.

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