Walk In Tubs Vs. Walk In Showers: What's Best?

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Walk In Tubs Vs. Walk In Showers: What’s Best?


Aging in place is on the mind of many homeowners from the boomer generation. Safe bathing is often on the top of the list of concerns as residents navigate their golden years at home. The popularity of walk in tubs and walk in showers is growing, but which product is best for your specific needs?


After visiting with thousands of homeowners across the country, Independent Home has learned what makes homeowners tick when it comes to senior bathroom safety. The primary reason customers come to us is simple. They are struggling with getting in and out of a conventional bathtub or shower stall.


Walk in tubs and walk in showers help eliminate this concern. With low step entry thresholds of just a few inches, the stress associated with climbing over a traditional bathtub edge of 17-19 inches is addressed. Both options are safety focused with comfortable ADA compliant seats so the bather is secure.


However, the primary difference between the products is that walk in tubs give users the benefits of hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy is the combination of heat, buoyancy and water to help manage pain associated with arthritis, circulation and many other health concerns. Walk In Tubs are twice the depth of a normal bathtub and allow for a submerged deep soak, unlike walk in showers. Walk In Tubs can also be used as a stand up shower with an extendable shower wand. Depending on the needs of the homeowner, most installations of either product can be done in just 1 day.


Make sure you evaluate the benefits of each option when you tackle this home improvement project. Independent Home is the premier provider of quality walk in tubs and walk in showers. Schedule your no-obligation, in-home estimate today.

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