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Walk-In Tubs With Hydrotherapy: The Benefits of Hydrotherapy on the Body

The feeling of soaking sore or aching muscles in a hot bath is soothing, relaxing, and healing. A person who has trouble getting in and out of the bathtub may not have this luxury or may have to endure the stress of risking serious injury every time he or she considers taking a hot bath. Hydrotherapy refers to the use of bubbles and water jets to enact light pressure on different parts of the body in order to aide in the effect of a hot bath, similar to a whirlpool or Jacuzzi tub. Walk-in tubs with this feature make bathing safer and simpler for those who have trouble with the solid wall of a standard tub, giving all of the benefits of a hot bath complete with extra treatment for sore and aching muscles.

The Different Kinds of Hydrotherapy

Active bubbles and jets in the hot water of any walk-in tub can improve the best parts of a daily bath.

  • Air massage includes the bubbles that stir up the water, gently massaging the body during bath time. It is a subtle approach but still very effective and gives the user the feeling of a light massage wherever the bubbles hit.
  • Jet massage involves water jets propelling the hot water into different areas of the body for a firmer massage than what air bubbles provide. This type of massage can help work out knots in the muscles.
  • Both types of hydrotherapy can be combined in one walk-in tub to provide a lighter massage in some areas and a firmer massage in others. This gives a comprehensive therapy for whatever aches the body.


Along with pain management and easing sore muscles, this type of therapy can assist in lowering blood pressure and improving other painful ailments – all while the user takes their regular bath each day.

Further Benefits Associated with Walk-in Tubs

Walk-in tubs make bathing safer and give the user more independence since they’ll be able to get in and out of the tub without assistance. Several models, including handicap walk-in tubs and other spa features not only make bathing safer but also enjoyable for the user. A door in the wall of the tub opens up, so there is no reason to step over it, and there is a seat which means that the person in the tub doesn’t have to lower themself all the way down to the floor.

Find A Walk-In Tub With Hydrotherapy Today

Walk-in tub installation does not have to be a hassle. Independent Home has the friendly customer service you needed to get the best tub built with these spa features and more. In fact, installation can be completed within one day! Find out how easy it is to enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy today.

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